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  • Tears of Joy Dr. Dees


    I am so grateful & happy I have found Dr Dees. Hands down the BEST Dr I have EVER been to (& I work in the medical field.) No Dr had ever taken the time to listen let alone diagnosis me &/or even given me a treatment plan. I just thought my headaches were another annoying reality of my life. He spent all the time I needed listening, educating & explaining to me everything we will be trying. I am beyond grateful. Thank you Dr Dees!


    - Submitted by M. W.
  • I Will Be Back! General

    "The details speak volumes. The care and the interest for the patient is always there. Wanting to help in any way and allowing me to try different doses of my medication to help with the migraines. I WILL BE BACK!"

    - Submitted by B. D.
  • The Team is Awesome!

    "The team at the OK Headache Center are awesome! I was worried about having to go through a lot of expensive testing to find relief from my migraines, but from the start, Dr. Pendergraft used information about self care and things from daily life that I could change. Between the lifestyle changes and a few simple meicine changes, I am feeling better and better. Thank You!"

    - Submitted by S.W.
  • Peace of Mind Dr. Pendergraft


    I have been very happy with the care from the doctors and staff. They have given me peace of mind, and I know I'm in good hands. They're  always very friendly and professional. 

    Dr. Pendergraft has been one of my favorite doctors our of the many I have seen in my visits with many specialists.


    - Submitted by J.B.
  • Thankful for Dr. Dees Dr. Dees

    "I am thankful for Dr. Dees and his staff for helping me with my headaches. I have been a patient for 1 year and have followed his recommendations without a waiver. He provided a book that gives understanding of headaches and how to manage them along with a life changing diet. His suggestions along with medications are not the easiest but I can honestly say that I have followed his plan exactly and now I want to say 'Thank You for helping me through a very difficult time of pain. You have changed my life 100%!"

    - Submitted by S.M.
  • Amazing fortune of finding Dr. Dees Dr. Dees

    "I am a 30 year old woman who has suffered from severe migraines since I was a teen. Sometimes the headaches were so bad. I could do nothing but curl into a ball and cry. The pain and frequency were destroying my quality of life. I even had surgery by one of the top ENT's in the world, hoping that curing my deviated septum would fix my headaches. It helped, but didn't cure the problem. Finally, I had the amazing fortune of finding Dr. Dees. Within a few minutes of talking to him. I felt that he understood exactly what I was going through."

    - Submitted by Previous Patient
  • Conquer Migraines! Dr. Pendergraft

    "After years of doing things wrong and getting nowhere with doctor visits (and having no positive results), Dr. Pendergraft - on my first visit - immediately had me make changes (such as no over the counter headache treatments). Everything she said and recommended was spot on, and it worked!

    I have encountered very few doctors that take the time that she does. She listens, and seems to really care about her patients I highly recommend if you want to conquer migraines. After a few months, my migraines are almost non-existent. Thank you!"

    - Submitted by J. G.