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Joint Replacement Surgery Without the Hospital Stay

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In the not-so-distant past, if you were to undergo joint replacement surgery, you could expect to have a five-to-seven-day stay in the hospital following your procedure. Undergoing surgery already comes with a certain level of expected discomfort and an extended stay in the hospital during the recovery process doesn’t make it any more enjoyable for patients. Luckily, there have been many advancements in surgical techniques, pain management and implants, which have made outpatient joint replacement a viable solution for qualified candidates who need surgery but prefer to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Ortho Central Orthopedic Surgeon Jeremiah Maupin, MD, had performed hundreds of outpatient joint replacements prior to performing his first outpatient joint replacement at Norman Regional in October of 2021. In fact, it was a focal point during his fellowship training. With his expertise and experience in outpatient joint replacement, Norman Regional communities will now have increased access to a service that can make a significant difference in their joint replacement needs.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, outpatient joint replacement has become an even more enticing option as patients can be closer to their loved ones during their recovery.

“Depending on COVID status and restrictions, if you have to stay in the hospital for your recovery, you could be married to someone for 50 years and then you can’t see them after undergoing a major surgery because of restricted visitation,” Dr. Maupin said.

With outpatient joint replacement, you can get your surgery and get back to the comfort of your home and loved ones who can support you through your recovery.

Some of the benefits of outpatient joint replacement for patients include:

  • Patients recovering in their own homes and sleeping in comfortable surroundings often recover at a faster rate
  • Lower infection risk
  • Cost savings to the patient
  • Less likely to need blood transfusions
  • Minimally invasive surgical approach

Outpatient joint replacement brings a lot of benefits to the patient, however, to be an ideal candidate, there are certain requirements that patients must meet.

“Patient selection is extremely important because while outpatient joint replacement is great, it needs to be done safely,” Dr. Maupin said. “One of the most important factors is for patients to have family members that can help them get around and take care of the patient in the days following the surgery.”

Who is a good candidate for outpatient joint replacement?

  • Patients who want same-day joint replacement surgery
  • Patients who are in overall good health
  • Patients who have been physically active prior to surgery
  • Patients who are younger with a lower risk of post-surgical complications
  • Patients with the ability to follow through with directions
  • Patients with a sufficient home situation (limited or no stairs, accommodating sleep setting)
  • Patients who have live-in support

Outpatient joint replacement offers a solution to many of the common inconveniences that people experience during the surgery process. If joint pain and discomfort keep you from doing the things you love, call 405-360-6764 to schedule an appointment or learn about outpatient joint replacement with the experienced orthopedic and sports medicine team at Ortho Central.