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Ortho Central Repeats as Highest Rated Overall Practice, Rater8 Awards

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Ortho Central Repeats as Highest Rated Overall Practice, Rater8 Awards

Ortho Central has won the 2022 Rater8 Highest Rated Practice Overall award in Rater8’s Practice Excellence Awards. The annual awards recognize practices, doctors, and practitioners for going above and beyond in creating the best patient experience possible. Winners are selected based on the internal ratings collected via rater8 surveys. Ortho Central has the special distinction of being a repeat winner. Last year they earned the award in the medium-sized practice category and this year earned it in the large-sized practice category.

What is Rater8?

rater8 Practice Excellence Awards 2022 - Teal.png (99 KB)Rater8 is a platform that allows patients to rate their healthcare providers, ensuring transparency and accountability in the healthcare industry. Ortho Central has been using rater8 to collect feedback from their patients for several years now, and it is clear that their efforts have paid off. The feedback from their patients has been overwhelmingly positive, with patients praising their exceptional level of care and attention to detail.

Why Otho Central?

Ortho Central is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, the expertise of its medical staff and their dedication to those they care for. Ortho Central's commitment to patient care is reflected in their outstanding patient satisfaction ratings, which have consistently been among the highest in the industry.

Ortho Central's dedication to their patients is also reflected in the level of education they provide. Patients are given detailed information about their condition and treatment options, and the medical staff takes the time to answer any questions patients may have. This education and personalized attention not only help patients feel more comfortable, but it also helps them make informed decisions about their health.

All of these variables contributed to earning the Highest Rated Practice Award. The award is not only a recognition of their success, but it also serves as motivation for them to continue striving for excellence in their mission to be the leader in orthopedic care.

“We are honored to be recognized as the highest rated practice overall by Rater8. It is a privilege for all of us at Ortho Central to serve our patients and we pledge to do everything possible to ensure the patient experience is always exceptional,” said Heather Kuklinski, Director of Operations at Ortho Central. “We are committed to listening to our patients and working every day to create a culture that is uncompromisingly patient focused. Being recognized for this approach validates our vision and inspires us to keep growing and moving forward” 

Ortho Central's earning the Highest Rated Practice award is a reflection of their unwavering commitment to patient care and their dedication to providing the best patient experience possible. It is clear that Ortho Central will continue to set the standard for excellence in patient care for years to come.

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