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Joint Replacement Surgery: The Robotic & Outpatient Advantage

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Joint Replacement Surgery: The Robotic & Outpatient Advantage

Gone are the days when joint replacement surgery meant an inevitable week-long stay at the hospital. With advancements in surgical procedures and the inclusion of robotic technologies, patients are experiencing a revolutionary approach to joint health.

Why Outpatient Joint Replacement Is Gaining Popularity

Jeremiah Maupin, MD, of Ortho Central, a frontrunner in orthopedic advancements, has been pioneering the shift towards outpatient joint replacement. Patients have more control over their surgical options, allowing them to spend more time with family at home. The surgeon can still monitor them remotely for safety.

What truly takes the outpatient joint replacement approach to the next level is the offering of Mako robotic-assisted knee and hip replacements. For those suffering from degenerative joint diseases causing pain or loss of function, this technology ensures an added layer of precision.

Understanding Robotic Surgery

Ortho Central's embrace of robotic assisted surgery adds a modern touch to the traditional joint replacement approach. Surgeons gain a deeper insight into patient anatomy by using 3D CT-based planning. This leads to a more personalized surgical blueprint, enhancing both accuracy and outcomes.

In the surgical arena, Mako's AccuStop™ technology takes center stage. While the surgeon drives the process, guiding Mako’s robotic arm, this technology ensures utmost precision. It helps the surgeon stay in set limits, keeping the healthy bone safe and removing the affected parts accurately.

The success of Mako SmartRobotics™ lies in its blend of human touch and technological finesse. The surgeon remains in control, with the robotic system only moving under guidance, even allowing mid-surgery adjustments.

Dr. Maupin using the Mako robot

What are the Benefits of Outpatient & Robotic Joint Replacement?

  • Speedier Recovery: Home comforts and robotic precision expedite healing.
  • Precision: Mako SmartRobotics™ ensures accuracy in every surgical move.
  • Lowered Infection Risk: Less exposure to hospital infections.
  • Personalized Care: 3D models tailor the procedure to your unique anatomy.
  • Cost-Efficiency: A dual benefit for patients.
  • Surgeon’s Control: Mako doesn't operate solo – your surgeon is in the lead!

Robotic and outpatient surgery offer plentiful benefits, but it is crucial to meet the right conditions beforehand. “patient selection plays an extremely important role because outpatient joint replacement, although great, requires safe execution," Dr. Maupin said. “One of the most important factors is for patients to have family members that can help them get around and take care of the patient in the days following the surgery.”

Are You the Ideal Candidate?

Ortho Central’s sophisticated blend of outpatient care and robotic precision can be life-transforming. Here are some things to consider prior to undergoing an outpatient joint replacement:

  • Are you a patient in overall good health?
  • Are you a patient who has been physically active prior to surgery?
  • Are you a patient who is younger with a lower risk of post-surgical complications?
  • Are you a patient with the ability to follow through with directions?
  • Are you a patient with a sufficient home situation (limited or no stairs, suitable sleep setting)?
  • Are you a patient who has live-in support?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you may be the ideal candidate for Ortho Central's outpatient joint replacement. Our advanced technology and skilled surgeons can provide you with a life-changing experience. However, it's important to carefully consider these factors before making a decision.

Being in overall good health is crucial for a successful outpatient joint replacement. This means having no major medical conditions that could interfere with the surgery or recovery process. It's also important to have a strong immune system to minimize the risk of infections.

Being physically active prior to surgery can greatly benefit your recovery. Regular exercise helps strengthen your muscles and joints, making it easier to regain mobility after the procedure. If you have been leading an active lifestyle, you are more likely to have a smoother rehabilitation process.

Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery from Norman Regional Health System on Vimeo.

Age also plays a role in determining the suitability for outpatient joint replacement. Younger patients generally have a lower risk of post-surgical complications and tend to recover faster. However, age alone should not be the sole factor in making a decision. Each individual's overall health and medical history should be taken into account.

As with any post-surgery process, following post-operative instructions is crucial for a successful outcome. This includes adhering to medication schedules, attending physical therapy sessions and following any dietary restrictions. It's important to have the discipline and commitment to follow through with these directions to ensure a smooth recovery.

Furthermore, your home environment should be suitable for a comfortable recovery. Having limited or no stairs can make it easier to navigate around your home during the initial stages of recovery when mobility may be limited. Additionally, having a suitable sleep setting, such as a comfortable bed and a quiet environment, can contribute to a restful recovery.

Last but not least, having live-in support can greatly assist you during the recovery process. This could be a family member, friend or caregiver who can help with daily activities, provide emotional support and ensure that you are following your post-operative instructions. Having someone by your side can make the recovery journey less daunting and more manageable.

If you meet most of these criteria, you may be an ideal candidate for Ortho Central's outpatient joint replacement. However, it's important to consult with our experienced medical team to assess your individual situation and determine the best course of action for your joint health. Remember, your well-being is our top priority and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Are you considering this modern approach to joint replacement? Reach out at 405-360-6764 and explore your options with the seasoned orthopedic and sports medicine team at Ortho Central.