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Meet Lana G Nelson (DO)

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About this Video

Lana Nelson, DO, loves her job because she loves helping people lose weight and be healthier, but it’s about more than that to her.

“It’s also about enabling people to go for a hike on the weekend and do that without getting out of breath or without having terrible pain. It’s about helping people be able to ride a roller coaster at Frontier City. It’s about helping people get on an airplane and not asking for a seat extender. It’s about helping people train for their first 5K, and in some instances, their first marathon. It’s a really remarkable position that I’m in to be able to share these life changes with people,” – Dr. Nelson, Journey Clinic.

Dr. Nelson, a board-certified general and bariatric surgeon, is one of many providers at Norman Regional that is Getting Us All to a Healthier Place.

Find her at Journey Clinic, which is located at 3400 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 105. Call 405-515-2049 to schedule your appointment today!