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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Clinical Integration? 
    Clinical Integration is an effort among stakeholders in healthcare to develop clinical initiatives. These clinical initiatives not only improve clinical outcomes but also control costs. Participation in a clinically integrated network provides members the ability to contract collectively with health plans without violating antitrust laws.
  2. What makes Clinical Integration effective? 
    Clinical integration provides measureable results which can then be used to evaluate performance and provide framework for improving that performance over time.
  3. Are the NHealth members involved in the development of clinical initiatives and overall leadership of NHealth? 
    Yes. The NHealth Board and the NHealth committees are all physician-led. The Board is comprised of six independent physicians, three NRHS employed physicians, and two NRHS representatives. Our network’s Operating Agreements require that there always be an independent physician majority as well as what decisions and actions the NHealth Board have the latitude to take.
  4. Will there be opportunities for physician leadership within NHealth? 
    Yes. The very success of NHealth will be a direct result of our physician leadership. There will always be a need for actively involved NHealth members, both independent and employed. We recognize that your time is valuable and we hope that we will have many interested physicians participate in NHealth. Any members that take leadership roles either by serving on the Board, committee, or task force will be compensated for their time.
  5. How are contractual arrangements negotiated and will I be required to see any patient covered under that agreement? 
    NHealth will have a contracting committee, led by physician members of NHealth, who will determine the parameters of any contractual relationship. You would be required to treat patients under these agreements in the same manner that you currently do under any other managed care relationship.
  6. What effect does joining NHealth have on my current managed care agreements? 
    You are only asked to delegate contracting for agreements entered into by NHealth. Those agreements should not impact any other current managed care contracts you have in any way.
  7. What are the primary objectives of NHealth for future growth and development?
    Upcoming primary objectives for NHealth include:
    • Further deployment of population health related analytics
    • Continued promotion of member engagement and continuous improvement
    • Support of clinical outcome improvement through development of new initiatives and programs
    • Continued engagement of payers and employers as appropriate
    • Support of our independent provider members through advocacy efforts
    • Continued development of cost containment strategies for members
    • Support of NHealth member education
    • Recruitment of providers to NHealth in an effort to grow the network
  8. How can I receive more information regarding the details of NHealth?
    You may contact a NHealth representative at 405-307-2155 or e-mail us at

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