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Theodore A. Boehm, MD

About Theodore A. Boehm, MD

Theodore Boehm, MD, specializes in sports medicine. He treats injuries of the ligaments, joints and muscles and illnesses such as exercise-induced asthma. He has been the team physician for both Norman high schools since 2003.

Dr. Boehm has been practicing medicine since 2003. He enjoys treating athletes of all ages – rather they’re youth athletes, elite competitors, weekend warriors or those just playing the game of life.

My patients can expect me to listen and work with them to help develop a game plan to best overcome their problem to help get them back to play and to life,” said Dr. Boehm. “There is no greater reward for me as a sports medicine physician than to see a patient fully recover and to know I had a hand in the healing process,”

Getting injured athletes back to the sport they love is a passion for Dr. Boehm.

“It’s awesome continuity of care to be able to be there when the injury happens, diagnose the problem and help get them back to play. There’s a special bond with a patient when you get to be a part of that journey.”

Dr. Boehm believes listening is one of the most important things a physician can do while treating an injured athlete.

“It’s the most important part of being a good diagnostician,” said Dr. Boehm. “It’s also important to know what that athlete’s goal is regarding recovery and return to play. It’s important to listen to the athlete because, a majority of the time, the athlete will actually tell you what the problem is before you perform any tests or a physical exam.”

Advanced treatments are a common part of the recovery plan for Dr. Boehm’s patients.

“I am very proficient in ultrasound-guided injections. This technology is amazing. It can help us localize exactly where we are placing various medications when injecting them,” said Dr. Boehm. “I love to see how technology can help improve procedures that have been done for years. As physicians, we should always be striving to improve upon how we practice medicine and I believe this is one such example of that.”

Dr. Boehm and his wife, Stephanie, live in Norman with their two children. The family loves visiting Disney World, going to the beach (Orange Beach and Perdido Key, especially) and camping in their RV. They attend Immanuel Baptist Church in Norman where Dr. Boehm is a deacon and plays tenor sax in church programs. In fact, his musical ability helped him meet his wife. They met in college when they were both members of the Pride of Oklahoma, the marching band for the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Boehm also loves to play golf, watch Star Wars and Marvel movies and eat pizza as often as possible.

  • Medical School
  • University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
  • Residency
  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Dept. of Family Medicine
  • Board Certification
  • Board Certified in Family Medicine & Sport Medicine