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Stephany James, APRN,FNP-C

About Stephany James, APRN,FNP-C

Stephany James, APRN, FNP-C, is a medical weight loss specialist at Journey Clinic.

Stephany graduated with honors and received academic awards while obtaining both her bachelor’s in nursing from the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and her master’s in science from the University of South Alabama.

Experiencing the life-altering benefits of a vertical sleeve gastrectomy herself in 2020, which led to a remarkable weight loss of 145lbs, Stephany has a deep and empathetic understanding of the struggles and health implications that come with excess weight.

Special Interests:

As a healthcare provider at the Journey Clinic, Stephany aspires to be more than just a medical professional to her patients. She aims to be a friendly and knowledgeable ally who intimately understands the journey her patients are on.

Stephany encourages her patients to embrace their authentic selves, offering a safe space where individual stories are heard, respected, and valued. She acknowledges that each patient's journey is unique and she is there to provide tailored guidance and support at every step.

When she is not dedicating herself to helping others on their weight loss journeys, Stephany embraces life to the fullest.

She has a keen interest in petting her puppies, traveling, immersing herself in books, and nurturing plants in her garden as well as attending drag queen shows.

Summertime finds her enjoying the lake or pool, creating cherished memories with friends.