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Norman Regional’s Respiratory Therapy Technician Program Opens Doors For Students

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Norman Regional’s Respiratory Therapy Technician Program Opens Doors For Students

Norman Regional Health System has developed another unique program to combat the ever changing environment of healthcare. The Respiratory Therapy Technician program at Norman Regional is an innovative approach focused on adapting to the needs of staff and students alike.

Norman Regional’s Respiratory Therapy Technician Program

The Respiratory Therapy Technician program at Norman Regional provides a solid foundation for new graduate therapists transitioning from a student role to a professional role and offers support in the development of effective, competent and committed Respiratory Therapists (RTs). The implementation of this program also streamlines the recruiting process of finding high-quality candidates.

The Respiratory Therapy Technician program’s primary responsibility is to ensure the success of new therapists navigating an exciting but demanding new career. It is important to provide RT Technicians with the resources and knowledge they need to excel in a professional healthcare environment.

The RT Technician program is designed to include:

  • Centralized onboarding process and orientation
  • Department-specific content and skill development
  • Preceptor support
  • Transparent leadership support

A primary goal of the program is to provide a social introduction into what it means to be a Norman Regional Healer, serving to match the priorities and values of the new grad with those of our institution.

The benefits of a transitioning program include:

  • Understanding of delegation
  • Time management
  • Resiliency
  • Patient engagement
  • Diversity
  • Cultural competency
  • Ethical decision making
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Quality initiatives

Creating clear goals and objectives for the technician internship helps to establish an understanding of organizational standards and expectations. Beyond practical respiratory experience, the intern process introduces technicians to the use of equipment and software specific to Norman Regional.

RT Technicians are able to develop a holistic view of the patient early on, and understand the multiple aspects of effective care delivery. This opportunity can make a world of difference in the intimidating and uncertain process of transitioning from school to career for a new graduate.

Preceptors involved with the RT Techs are expected to go beyond the technical aspect of the job. They provide the RT Techs with feedback, constructive dialogue and an acknowledgement of their accomplishments, in order to define the boundaries and goals which personify our healers.

By supporting recent graduates transitioning from college to the working world, Norman Regional sees improved retention, increased confidence and a better sense of community within our healers. Investing in healer education and career advancement has also shown improvements in retention.

Healthcare has experienced unparalleled challenges in both the workplace and the workforce since the COVID pandemic. As unprecedented numbers of healthcare workers have retired or left the workforce, the need for new workers has increased exponentially.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of Respiratory Therapists is projected to grow 13% between 2022 and 2032, much faster than the average growth rate of 3% for all occupations. Over the next decade, approximately 16,700 new jobs are expected to open up for Respiratory Therapists.

The Norman Regional Respiratory Department has sought to diversify its recruiting strategy by establishing the RT Technician Program in order to ensure adequate and competent staffing.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the RT Tech Program at Norman Regional?

Students who are completing the prerequisites of a Respiratory Therapy program, or are already enrolled in an accredited Respiratory Therapy program, are eligible to become Respiratory Therapy Technicians through Norman Regional.

Working in conjunction with our local colleges offering Respiratory Therapy programs of study, students are given the chance to work as technicians at Norman Regional, familiarizing themselves with equipment, the Norman Regional culture and on the job practical experience.

This symbiotic relationship between Norman Regional and the colleges in the area, provides a qualified hiring pool oriented specifically to Norman Regional, while providing the candidate experience, flexible schedules and assistance with education on numerous levels. This program allows us the opportunity to streamline the orientation of students to not only Respiratory Therapy as a practice, but to Norman Regional as a whole.

In the fast-paced and ever changing environment of healthcare today, we must take time to insure that new graduates receive the education and instruction they deserve, not only for their benefit but also for their patients.

Recruitment has improved dramatically by focusing on building up our talent pipeline. By working with accredited Respiratory schools and revisiting how we identify potential candidates, we are able to focus on attracting the top talent available in our field.

Meet Respiratory Tech Student, Kaylee Fink, and hear her story about how her path lead her to the program.

Why Choose Norman Regional’s Respiratory Therapy Technician Program?

The Respiratory Therapy Technician program goes beyond just adding new therapists into our team of healers at Norman Regional. This program is an outreach to the community as well, offering grants, scholarships and tuition reimbursement to potential students, allowing many to find a career in healthcare which might not have been attainable otherwise.

Norman Regional is invested in the success of our local accreditation programs and communities like never before. It is only by evolving to meet the changing needs of the workforce and the organization that we can fulfill the demand for qualified healers. The building and nurturing of our newest team members is the dynamic process by which we can insure our commitment to focus on the organizations mission and goals. Producing concerned and caring healers is The Norman Way.

Apply to be a Respiratory Therapy Technician at Norman Regional Health System.