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Women's Heart Program

Heart disease affects both men and women. However, there are differences in how this disease presents itself in the female population. Women deserve individualized care and personal treatment. Norman Heart and Vascular Associates is committed to providing this unique and specialized care to women both within our communities and those that surround us. Drs. Archana Gautam and Katherine Hays are expert female cardiologists dedicated to fulfilling the distinct cardiac needs of women.

Our Women's Heart Program offers:

  • Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Assessment: Including in-depth history, risk evaluation and physical examination.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing: Including complex cholesterol/lipid testing, echocardiography and nuclear imaging, and screening for diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.

Multi-disciplinary, Heart-Healthy Approach to Prevention and Education

Achieving and maintaining a healthy heart requires a multi-disciplinary team approach to identifying and managing cardiac risk factors. This team includes: female cardiologist, female nurse practitioners, female nurses, stress management and smoking cessation counseling, exercise guidance, and nutritional referrals.

Specialized programs are available for complex cardiovascular needs. They include:

  • Cardiac and vascular management of the female diabetic patient
  • Cardiac assessment and monitoring of the female patient undergoing chemotherapy
  • Cardiac assessment and monitoring of the high-risk pregnancy patient
  • Risk stratification and risk factor modification of the post-menopausal and metabolic syndrome patients
  • Hormone replacement therapy guidance in relation to cardiology
  • Cardiac assessment and monitoring in obesity management, as well as the female patient undergoing bariatric surgery

Accepting New Patients

The Women's Heart Program is gladly accepting new patients and self-referrals. For an appointment, please call Norman Heart and Vascular at 405-515-2222.

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