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Valve Surgery Repair/Replacement

Heart valve surgery is a procedure to treat heart valve disease. In heart valve disease, blood flow is impaired due to a narrowed or leaky valve within the heart. This can lead to severe consequences including heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and even death. In heart valve surgery, your surgeon will replace or repair the affected valve through an incision made on the front part of the chest. The type of valve dysfunction you have will determine the type of surgery you undergo. There are many different types of valves. You and your surgeon will discuss which type of valve is best for your particular situation. After surgery, you will spend 1-2 days in the ICU. Average total length of stay after this surgery is 4-7 days.

Pre-op valve routine: Before your surgery, your surgeon will see and examine you as well as review all pertinent labs, imaging, and tests. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and gain a full understanding of the nature of your disease process and the surgery to treat that disease. You will have lab tests, lung function tests, EKG, and chest x-ray prior to surgery. Before surgery, it is very important for you to practice getting around without using your arms to lift, push, or pull anything greater than 10 pounds. This will be the main restriction placed upon you after your surgery. Practice getting out of a car, up and down out of bed and chairs without using your arms. Your preoperative instructions will be provided to you in office. Follow them, and call the office with any needs or concerns.

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