Monday, February 4, 2019

It is that time of year again.  Roses are being ordered and oversized stuffed animals are being delivered, along with pink and red balloons. The heart shaped, sugar-filled, chocolaty candies are beginning to thin at all the grocery stores.  All you want to do is make that special someone happy!  Did you know you can make them happy and keep them healthy? Here are some tips to keep your “valentine” both happy and healthy.

  1. CHOCOLATE.  There is nothing wrong with chocolate, but the 100 count assorted supper box of chocolates may cause a slight over indulgence of one of the best treats there is.  So what do we do?
  2. Change from milk chocolate to dark chocolate.  The darker the better, but aim for 60% cocoa or more.  Cocoa has flavenols which is an antioxidant that can reduce Heart Disease.  Also cocoa itself is lower in sugar.  
  3. FRUIT. Fruit makes a great gift.  There are many way to prepare it.  Fruit bouquets make very beautiful arrangements. You can also dip their favorite Fruit in chocolate Fruit has many vitamins and minerals that our body needs. 
  4. WINE. Make the switch from sweet wines to red wines.  Red wine tends to have less sugar. Also the skins from red and purple grapes have been shown to improve artery flexibility and decrease heart disease, stroke, and other associated diseases.
  5. Another idea to keep things healthy and keep the one you love happy.  Is to enroll in a local cooking class. 
  6. There are lots of other options.  Yes, chocolate is the classic, but some things can be just as nice. Such as roses, couples messages, pedicures, write a poem, or just spend time together on a long romantic walk.

If you do receive a big luxurious box of chocolates or other sweet treats. Remember to pace yourself.  Chocolates can be frozen, and you can enjoy them again and again for days to come.  Keep your sweetheart healthy and happy on valentine’s day.