Norman Regional Health System

Norman Regional is celebrating 75 years of caring

Thursday, June 10, 2021

2021 marks 75 years of life-saving care for Norman Regional Health System. One of the many rewarding benefits of this comes from the fact that when a patient is provided the highest standard of care, they will often times tell their families to come visit as well. This means that over the course of 75 years, many family generations have given Norman Regional the privilege of treating them.

Susan Ferguson, while having not been a patient at Norman Regional, is very familiar with this. Between her mother, father and brother-in-law, her family has been through Norman Regional’s Inpatient Rehab facility seven times since 2002.

Where it all began

Norman Regional’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Center provides inpatient services for those suffering from disabling illnesses or injuries. Working closely with patients and families designing a plan to meet each patient’s unique needs.

“My family started coming to Norman Regional in 2002 when my dad went to inpatient rehab,” Ferguson said. “They absolutely spoiled him and he had excellent care, so that was out first experience.”

After Susan’s father was discharged, their family left with such a positive experience that eventually her mother would also seek treatment from Norman Regional’s Inpatient Rehab team in 2009.

“My mom was 86 years old and had a stroke that had left her unable to move or talk,” Ferguson said. “That rehab team taught her how to walk and talk again. She was completely unable to move or speak and as she progressed it was clear that they had worked miracles on her.”

Susan’s mother would return several more times to the Inpatient Rehab facility for what she would call “tune-ups” whenever she was feeling ill. In fact, her mother’s involvement with Norman Regional would reach new heights as she was one of the people who helped start Norman Regional’s Gift Shop.

Lasting impressions

Susan still to this day has a deep emotional connection with Norman Regional’s Inpatient Rehab team. After all the times she has visited family and all the times her family has received the care they needed, she said she holds a special place in her heart for Norman Regional.

“They have worked miracles for our family, with our family and around our family,” Susan said. “I was born there and now I’m 68 years old, so Norman Regional has been a part of my life and my family’s lives for a long time.”

As Norman Regional celebrates 75 years of life-saving care, Susan and her family serve as a reminder that the people in our community are who make Norman Regional a thriving health system to this day. The bonds, memories and emotional impact that quality care can bring to a family or individual are just one aspect of what makes healthcare such a valuable component of a thriving community.

The healers at Norman Regional look forward to serving the community for another 75 years and beyond.

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