Norman Regional Health System

Monday, July 10, 2023

Stephen Eichert, DO, a board-certified neurosurgeon at Norman Regional’s Neurosurgery Associates, is the first surgeon in Oklahoma to successfully perform 150 robotic spine surgeries using the Mazor X Stealth Edition Robotic-Guidance Platform

Dr. Eichert became the first surgeon in Oklahoma to complete 100 robotic spine surgeries last summer in 2022. Now, he has finished 150 surgeries.

The Mazor robot is designed to support spine surgeons’ need to operate with precision by providing comprehensive information and visualization before the surgery starts. With robotic technology, spine surgeons can pre-plan the surgery based on the patient’s unique spinal anatomy and then execute the plan in the operating room using navigation and robotic guidance for enhanced precision.Stephen_Eichert.jpg (76 KB)

“Robotic-assisted surgeries offer benefits to the patient including less pain, shorter recovery time and less blood loss during surgery. They also offer me a clearer picture to plan the surgery and more precision during the procedure,” Dr. Eichert said. “I’m excited to be the first surgeon in Oklahoma to complete 150 robotic spine surgeries.”

Dr. Eichert said that using the Mazor robot in surgery also decreases the need for additional surgeries, adding that it is ideally suited for patients with osteoporosis who require a lumbar fusion.

Clint Miller, clinic manager for Neurosurgery Associates, said Dr. Eichert’s achievement with robotic-assisted spine surgeries offers patients needing spinal surgery more peace of mind.

“Having a neurosurgeon be the first in the state to complete this many robotic-assisted surgeries helps assure the patients of his experience, knowledge and expertise when it comes to their surgery,” Miller said. “Dr. Eichert was already a skilled neurosurgeon, offering expert precision on every surgery, but the Mazor robot enhances his skills even more to ensure the best outcome for every patient.”

Dr. Stephen Eichert 150th robotic spine surgery.jpg (317 KB)

Dr. Eichert is just one of Norman Regional’s neurosurgeons, other surgeons include Drs. Clay Cochran and Michael Martin. The Neurosurgery Associates team performs all types of surgeries on the spine, brain and peripheral nervous systems. Patients seeking care should first visit their primary care provider, as they can help find the root of the problem and then either treat the patient themselves or refer them to the clinic.

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