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Mammography is a technique that is used to create an image of the breast to detect cancer or other breast disease. The techniques can reveal changes in the breast before a woman or healthcare provider can discover them. Often this test can indicate whether a lump is suspicious.

Norman Regional Hospital will take your mammogram on the most advanced mammography equipment by nationally registered female technologists. Our facility is recognized by the federal government (FDA) for the highest quality standards.

If you should need it, Norman Regional also provides advanced imaging, including magnification views, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, stereotactic core needle biopsy and ultrasound guided needle biopsy.

Remember, most lumps are not cancerous, and when diagnosed and treated early the chances of a cure are very good. The advantages of mammography are that it provides an early warning, and it is accurate for diagnosing cancer, especially when used in combination with a physical exam. Screening (routine) mammograms can be scheduled by calling 405-307-2290.

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Every woman is at risk for breast cancer. Mammograms are the single most effective method of early detection and identifying cancer in its most treatable stages. For women 40 and older, mammograms should be part of a yearly physical routine. Monthly breast self-examinations are also important for good breast health.

The American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation recommend the following guidelines:

  • Annual screening mammography for women beginning at age 40
  • If you are under age 40 and have a family history of breast cancer or other concerns about your risk, talk with your doctor about when to begin mammography
  • Have a clinical breast examination by your doctor at least every three years beginning at age 20 and every year after 40
  • Beginning at age 20, perform monthly breast self-examinations
  • Become familiar with the normal look and feel of your breasts – if ANY change occurs, report it to your doctor.

Please call 307-2290 to schedule your mammogram today.

Who interprets the results and how do I get them?

Mammogram results are interpreted by a highly trained radiologist who is a physician trained to supervise and interpret radiological examinations. The radiologist will analyze all the images taken during your exam and send a signed report to the ordering physician this will take 24 to 48 hours, additional copies can be sent upon request to primary care physicians or specialists. The ordering physician or your primary care physician will go over the results with you.