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From hospital services to independent practitioners, from insurance to private/cash pay, we encourage you ask for a price estimate for any of our services.

Estimates for Hospital Services

Contact our Patient Access Advisors at 405-307-2730 or

  • Know the CPT (current procedural terminology) code and description of the services for which you are requesting a price estimate. If you’re unsure of the CPT code, please ask your physician.
  • Actual charges on your final hospital bill may vary from the estimate, based on your medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis and recommended treatment.
  • If you have insurance, you should also contact your health benefits administrator for the most accurate information on your benefit plan structure, deductibles, co-payments, coinsurance or any other factors that might affect personal financial liability.
  • Hospital estimates cover hospital charges only and do not include professional fees such as those provided by a physician, surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist, nurse practitioner or other independent practitioner.

Estimates for Independent Practitioners

Many of the medical professionals at Norman Regional Health System are independent practitioners and bill their services separately from the hospital. If you will require any of the following services, you should contact them for additional estimates.

  • Anesthesia – Sooner Anesthesia Billing: 405-701-3418
  • Radiology – Norman Regional Radiology Associates: 1-800-841-4236
  • Laboratory/Pathology – Pathology Consultation Services: 877-788-7818

Estimates for Cash Pay

Norman Regional has created a cash-pay pricing program on our most frequently ordered tests and procedures to make healthcare more affordable and provide you with more options. We’re able to offer this cash price due to the absence of the risk for nonpayment for services and the lack of expense in processing claims.

  • Who is eligible? Any patient can take advantage of cash-pay pricing regardless of your insurance coverage. By selecting the cash-pay option, you understand and agree that Norman Regional will not file an insurance claim for the test or procedure, and you must pay in full at the time of scheduling.
  • What services are eligible? Our cash-pay prices include our most common tests and procedures in laboratory and outpatient rehabilitation. You will need a valid order from a physician before scheduling any services.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Pricing

Norman Regional Health System offers outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology services off Interstate 35 in Moore. If you have any questions or would like a cash-pay price for a service not listed below, contact our outpatient rehabilitation office at 405-912-3055. 

Service Price
Occupational Therapy Evaluation $120
Physical Therapy Evaluation $107
Speech/Language Evaluation $132
Swallow Evaluation $122
Canalith Repositioning $62
Dysphagiagram* $124
Electrical Stimulation, Unattended $19
Mechanical Traction $23
Paraffin $15
Speech Therapy $113
Gait Training – 15 minutes $40
Iontophoresis –15 minutes $36
Manual Therapy/Lymphatic Drainage – 15 minutes $42
Neuromuscular Reeducation – 15 minutes $48
Physical Performance Test/Measure – 15 minutes $47
Therapeutic Activity – 15 minutes $49
Therapeutic Exercise – 15 minutes $46
Ultrasound – 15 minutes $18

*Please note
: This amount represents the hospital charges only and does not include any physician or other professional charges (including but not limited to radiologists, anesthesiologist and pathologists) for which patients will receive a bill separately. The patient or patient’s guarantor specifically agrees to pay for all costs of this service in full at the time of scheduling.

Understanding Healthcare Prices

To gain a greater understanding of healthcare prices, please check out the Understanding Healthcare Prices: A Consumer Guide (PDF).