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Umbilical hernia-surgery by James Moreland *

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

My surgeon is Dr Ronnie Keith. My aftercare nurse is Tammy Alfaro. Dr Keith is a highly skilled and talented surgeon. He has a genuine down to earth disposition w/excellent bedside manner. Furthermore, his nursing staff is excellent as well. In particular, nurse Tammy Alfaro. She exemplifies being a compassionate professional; dedicated to her patients and their well-being. Many thanks to them!

SMILE MAKER by Susan Jacques*

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Came in for surgery and my experience was TOP NOTCH from the time I walked in until I walked out of the hospital. Dr. Connally's staff was EXCEPTIONAL and I felt SAFE, HEALTHY and WELL TAKEN CARE OF....I don't want to come back (anytime soon) but I would NOT hesitate if I ever need to return for surgery.

in the right place at the right time by current employee*

Thursday, August 19, 2021

I was at work on Sunday 8/15/21. I started having some issues and went to the ER at health plex. Everyone was very nice and professional. Turns out i had an appendicitis, thankfully i wasn't at home or i might not have gone in and it could have turned bad really quick. The great care did not end at health plex. I was transported by EMSTAT to Porter campus for surgery. The 2 EMSTAT employees that came to get me were very pleasant and up beat. Dr. Keith (surgeon) and Dr. Proctor (anesthesiologist) were at the Porter campus waiting for me. I had a very nice nurse help me get ready for surgery and 2 very nice nurses helping me after surgery. I couldn't ask for a better patient experience for what i had to deal with.

Dr. Jeff Raines by Randy Horrell*

Saturday, June 26, 2021

I went to the Hospital Friday night, turns out I had Acute Bronchitis. This Doctor and all of the staff took exceptional care of me. The Doctor was great, kind, listened and treated me excellent. I feel SO much better because of the awesome care! Thank you to all:)

Lab Services by Michael Lovegrove*

Monday, June 14, 2021

The lab services staff on Tecumseh Road are outstanding. Brynda and Crystal are professionals who perform at the highest level and I am most grateful to them it's like being treated by your family. They are an essential component to the Norman Regional Health System. Thank You Brenda and Crystal.

This is the team you want going through this fight with you! by Desiree M.*

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

In January of 2021, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer for my age and gender called hypoplastic myelodysplastic syndrome or hMDS. It's very scary because I am transfusion dependent meaning I have to get transfusions to stay alive because I don't make enough blood on my own. It came on pretty suddenly but I'm so grateful I was sent to Norman Regional Oncology Clinic. The staff as a whole is amazingly compassionate, have a positive attitude and truly care about the outcomes and quality of life for all their patients. My oncologist is Dr. Namali Pierson and her nurse's name is Laura. From the beginning they took my situation very seriously and got to the bottom of it. Once I got my diagnosis, they presented me with treatment options and in my case I need a bone marrow transplant which will be done at OU Medical Center. Dr. Pierson and her team all work very well with OU to coordinate my transfusion needs and help with transplant clearance. I had to do one round of chemotherapy which I did in their clinic (infusion center located in their clinic). Their infusion center has the best staff I have ever seen and I have been to several infusion centers since January 2021. They also have reclining heated, massage chairs with TVs attached to the chairs and the nurses will bring you drinks, snacks, blankets or pillows. They do all of this with kindness and compassion because of the deep care they have for their patient's comfort. They have amazing receptionists that greet you with a smile as well as their amazing schedulers who do their best to get a treatment schedule that best suits your circumstances.  This is the team you want going through this fight with you. I have never felt more supported by a doctor and her team before. It's really nice to experience the healthcare system in a positive way like this.

Great experience by Alex Figueroa *

Monday, April 26, 2021

Breast cancer in men is rare: Cancer in my family is not. Results were negative. I tried to do the phone survey but it was hard for me to hear. Not their fault. Staff was professional and took pride in their work. The visit took less than an hour yet never rushed. Thanks everyone.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I have always worried about bed side manner. It does not get any better than Dr.Cochran. He is professional but treats you like family. I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER ORTHO UNLESS HE REFERS ME OUT TO SOMEONE. Start with him and never look back.

My first visit to Dr Black by Debbie Lamb*

Saturday, December 5, 2020

My overall experience was very good Dr Black and his team is very caring and understanding and is in the process of helping me feel better. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help with their GI problems.

by Sarah*

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Tabitha in the lab department was able to quickly get blood from me. I have a history of passing out during labs or shots and she did such a great job keeping me calm and getting my vein the first time without probing me. So appreciated her professional demeanor.

* These are testimonials by patients of Norman Regional Health System (NRHS) and not those of the Health System. The opinions reflect the patients’ personal experience with their treatment. However, results and treatment outcomes may vary from person to person. Patients are encouraged to discuss typical outcomes of their procedure with their surgeon or doctor and to set realistic expectations based on body type, lifestyle and medical history.