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Parathyroid Surgery by Lorraine*

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

It was a blessing to find Dr. Connally to perform my parathyroid surgery. He did an awesome job, along with the surgical team, including Dr. Greenhaw, anesthesiologist, nurses Lisa and Hannah preparing me for surgery, Jaime in OR, and Amanda Lewis. I appreciate Dr. Connally's staff working with my insurance approval ahead of time which proved to be difficult at times. I would highly recommend them!

Dr. Vedala by Donnie Enix*

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Dr. V is always the consummate professional and truly values his patients! I’ve recommended him to all my family and friends. He ensures you get taken care of and follows up if not. I’m a retired Chief that spent lots of time on the battlefield with Americas Elite and having Doctor V. as my Primary Care Physician has truly been a blessing! My absolute highest recommendation!

Thank you all! by Art Lantagne*

Monday, February 5, 2024

I want to thank all of the staff at Nine and the Healthplex for their care last week. Every person I met was caring, helpful, friendly, and accessible during my stay. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you to: Charlotte and Dr. Costner at NRH Nine Abby and Matt for the ride to the Healthplex Tina, Bridget, Emilia, Brandy, Megan, Natalie, Trina, Christina, Dr. Roberts, & Dr. Crook on the Cardiac Floor Paige & Jack for the stress test Jan and Amy for the TEE 5th floor Environmental Services for the conversations and clean room. If I forgot anyone, I sincerely apologize. Again, thank you to each of you that helped me on my way.

Our amazing nurse by Sean Sorensen*

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

My wife was recently in the hospital for four days. I need to tell you about our amazing, wonderful nurse. Megan went so far and above the call of duty. I will spare the graphic details, but let me just say she is simply amazing. I could not ask for a more caring, compassionate and devoted individual. My wife has severe MS and this amazing nurse took it upon herself to ensure that my wife received the utmost care. Whatever she is being paid, it’s not enough. I am a grateful husband. Thank you for this godsend. Sincerely, Sean Sorensen Room 5732

Heart Catheterization by Susan Carpenter*

Thursday, January 4, 2024

I had a heart catheterization, this morning. I was somewhat anxious, as I have never had any type of procedure, like this, before. I was an RN for 27 years, so I feel competent to comment that the staff was extremely competent, kind, personable and attentive. Shout out to Hannah and Curtis. This was a positive experience and would highly recommend Norman Regional Cath Lab.

by Galen Hawes *

Saturday, December 30, 2023

I was so nervous about getting blood work done because I have gotten nauseous and lightheaded in the past. Daisy was so nice and walked me through the process.

by Amanda*

Monday, December 25, 2023

Our PCP recently retired, our family needed a new provider. We scheduled with Dr. Cain and it was the best decision we ever made. He listened and interacted with us, made suggestions and made us feel like we had been seeing him for years. His nurse Ashley was absolutely wonderful, she called us with lab results and was so knowledgeable. Our experience is a 10

Thank You! by William A. Faris*

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Recently my wife was a patient at NRH after experiencing a small stroke. The excellent care she received was truly remarkable to me and I wanted to take a moment to compliment and thank all those who helped her to recover. The Doctors, Nurses and Technical staff in the ER, the Progressive care unit and the rehab unit were wonderful. In particular the staff of the Rehab unit took the time and effort and worked in a cheerful and positive way to make this recovery possible. In particular I would like to thank Dr Young, and her staff as well as therapists; Melissa, Becca, Nurse Misty, and the technicians Allison and Dottie. No doubt I will inadvertently forget a name, but all that staff is fabulous and my wife and I are very grateful for your help.

Thank you for saving my life! by Brenda Tice*

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

I was admitted, into the Hospital, with Acute Pyelonephritis and Acute Sepesis, as well as DKA, I had a Temp, of 104.9, was not doing well at all. They tried several different, Antibiotics, to kill infection, in my Blood, luckily, they found one. I was in ICU, for a week then was put in private room, for Three days. When I was able to be on Oral Meds, I got to go home, even though I was still Acute. While I was, in the ICU, I could not have been better, cared for My Nurse Kasey, was Differently a Angel, she showed so much love and emphaty, and took amazing care of all my needs, Then I also Had Darrian, as a Nurse, she showed alot of Love and Compassion, as well, And then Grace was wonderful, as well. I don't ever think I was more cared for, then I was during overnight stays in any HOSPITAL. The Nurses on the regular floor were Just as much as ICU, Janie was so sweet to me, one night I was so upset, that she held me as I cried on her shoulder. I would Recommend the NRH on Porter, to any family or friends, that need Quality Care. Your Team of Dr's and Nurses go far above, and beyond what is normally asked for. Thank You so much for Saving my Life. BRENDA TICE

Fantastic Staff by Augustine Velasco*

Thursday, November 2, 2023

I just left after 13 days in the hospital. I was in the ER, ICU and I believe the PCU. I was totally impressed with all the staff! They were caring, encouraging and truly professional. It was obvious that they truly cared and helped in anyway possible. I wish I could remember all of their names because there were many and all of them were patient and fantastic! I cannot say enough about how great Norman Regional Hospital is!!!

* These are testimonials by patients of Norman Regional Health System (NRHS) and not those of the Health System. The opinions reflect the patients’ personal experience with their treatment. However, results and treatment outcomes may vary from person to person. Patients are encouraged to discuss typical outcomes of their procedure with their surgeon or doctor and to set realistic expectations based on body type, lifestyle and medical history.