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Norman Regional Helps Family With Difficult Cardiac Recovery

Monday, September 5, 2022 is a day that changed everything for the King family of Oklahoma City. Kyle King suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest while reading to his two sons on the couch.

His terrified wife Megan administered CPR as she called 911. Kyle’s difficult battle for his life began with 45 days spent in a heavily sedated coma at Norman Regional HealthPlex’s ICU. Kyle’s love for the Miami Dolphins led tothe creation of a “Fins Up for Kyle” Facebook page where Megan shared key updates on his condition. As the community grew, Megan used the social media platform to talk about their family's first holidays spent with Kyle, who was still hospitalized in later parts of his recovery and how it was Kyle who reminded her about their new priorities.

Kyle and Megan

“Since Kyle’s cardiac arrest, I have completely dreaded the holidays,” said Megan. “Then, in comes Kyle with positive vibes to remind me of what Christmas is really about. One day we asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and he said, to smile, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Christmas dinner and smile?”

The Kings had to improvise with takeout Olive Garden at the hospital, but Megan shared that the smiles were aplenty as Kyle neared his goal of returning home. There were also bittersweet moments as the Kings entered their new normal.

Megan said, “2022 was the worst year of our lives, but it taught us important lessons. I am so proud of this man and how hard he fights despite all the obstacles. We are ready for you 2023.”

Progress seems slow, but Megan stresses that even on the slow days it is still progress.

“We are proud to continue to be by his side,” said Megan. “Truly a miracle in the making.”

While she doesn’t want to scare anyone, she believes it’s important for everyone to know about the dangers of cardiac arrest. Kyle was young, healthy, and they had no warning signs before his sudden cardiac arrest. She emphasizes the importance of CPR and advises everyone to have the life-saving training.

Kyle has reached many important milestones as he has fought through infections as well as learning how to speak and walk. His recovery has taken him through a few different surgeries and procedures and he has progressed closer to their goal of being back home as a family.