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Friday, March 1, 2024

2024 is a Leap Year! During this extra day of February, Norman Regional Health System’s Labor & Delivery department was busy as eight adorable bundles of joy entered the world, each with a unique story to tell. Born on Leap Year Day February 29, 2024, these families shared moments of surprise and excitement as they welcomed their little ones into their lives.

What are the Odds?!

Norman Regional's Women's & Children's services shared that welcoming eight babies in a single day is on the larger side of the average, with the usual range being 5-8 births per day.

However, the real magic lies in the rarity of being born on Leap Year Day.

Statistics show that the chances of being born on February 29 are approximately 1 in 1,461, making these births even more special and unique.

Meet the Leap Year Babies:

  • Zola:
    • Girl
    • Due Date: Later in March
    • Zola is her mom’s secondborn.

1. Baby 1 Zola.jpg (385 KB)

  • Berkley:
    • Girl
    • Due Date: March 20
    • Berkley’s family has decided to celebrate her birthday on March 1, but is excited to throw her a huge party each Leap Year! She is their second child.

2. Baby Berkley.jpg (330 KB)

  • Finnegan:
    • Boy
    • Due Date: March 18
    • Finnegan’s family is also planning on celebrating his birthday on March 1 but is ready to move the party whenever Leap Year rolls around. Finnegan is the youngest of four kids.

3. Baby Finnegan.jpg (528 KB)

  • Serenity:
    • Girl
    • Due Date: March 5
    • Serenity’s parents weren't surprised! They had a feeling she’d be a Leap Year baby when they received her due date! This is the family's 1st child.

4. Baby Serenity.jpg (472 KB)

  • Anaya:
    • Girl
    • Due Date: March 15
    • Mom didn't think it would happen with a mid-March due date, but here she is! This is her first baby.

5. Baby Anaya and Mom.jpg (348 KB)

  • Lyric:
    • Girl
    • Due Date: March 11
    • Her parents weren’t expecting a Leap Year baby, but they’re excited because of how special it is! Lyric is their second child.

6. Baby Lyric.jpg (361 KB)

  • Mailee:
    • Girl
    • Due Date: March 7
    • Mailee’s parents will celebrate her birthday sometime in February. They sure weren’t expecting her to be born on Leap Year Day, but they know how cool and different it is for her!

7. Baby Mailee and Parents.jpg (795 KB)

  • Ezekiel James (EJ):
    • Boy
    • Due Date: March 18
    • What a special baby for their firstborn! EJ’s family was surprised to meet him on Leap Year Day!

8. Baby Ezekiel.jpg (434 KB)

Norman Regional proudly welcomes these eight babies into the world, each beginning their own story as unique as their birthday! Congratulations to all the families on their adorable Leap Year Day babies!

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