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Monday, February 27, 2023

Dr. Angela Schmidt has a passion for healing her patients through chiropractic care. She knows how impactful it can be for someone with pain because she started as a patient herself.

“Chiropractic changed my life,” said Dr. Schmidt. “I wanted a more natural way to relieve my back and neck pain and chiropractic care not only gave me that relief but my seasonal allergies disappeared! That’s when I knew there was more to this healing art and followed my calling to help others through chiropractic the way it helped me.”

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Fellow Norman Regional Healer Drew Hill, multi-media specialist, shared his experience with receiving services for his back, "Dr. Schmidt is compassionate and listens to her patients. Her appointments only take five minutes, but they make all the difference in eliminating my back pain and keeping it away."

Angela Schmidt, DC, shares her time between two different Norman Regional Health System locations. She explains, "So, I am at the Southwest 119th office Monday through Wednesday and then I'm in Norman at Health@TheWell on Thursdays. So, if patients want to establish chiropractic care, they have to start off at the Southwest 119th location because that's where we have the x-rays."

Dr. Schmidt is certified by the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners and earned her doctorate and Bachelor of Science degrees in anatomy and health and wellness from Parker University in Dallas. She was one of a select few chosen to complete her clinical internship abroad in Bogota, Colombia treating Olympic athletes.

Those residing in the South Central Oklahoma City service area are lucky to have Dr. Schmidt available to them for chiropractic services such as: acute and chronic pain, back pain, headaches and migraines, pregnancy, posture and ergonomics and sciatica.

She explained how she assesses a first time patient. "I'm checking for differences in muscle tone, as well as areas of restricted joint motion. And then I also pair that with their symptoms." Dr. Schmidt continued, "When I initially go in and consult with them, and they tell me what's going on, I pair those three bits of information together to kind of get a whole picture, and try to dive down to the root cause of what's causing a problem.”

She also shared her philosophy on the inclusiveness of chiropractic services and the benefits that can be derived.

"If folks are just curious or have questions, they can come on in and we can discuss what's going on. But I always say anyone with a spine can benefit from chiropractic care; prevent spinal degeneration and issues from happening down the road. So, the best way to take care of the spine and make sure that it's moving and that person is living their best life, functioning at their most optimal level is to have their spine checked to make sure that there's a good balance there.”

She agrees most of her patients come to see her because they have pain of some sort, whether it be headaches, neck pain or back pain, but she shares that her treatment plans often uncover underlying issues.

"Oftentimes, I hear these stories about it really changing function overall, because there's this master system, the nervous system, and it controls every single cell, tissue and organ within the body. So, when there is something that's interfering with any part of that nervous system, then that's going to lead to less optimal health and whether that be fatigue, constipation, menstrual issues, pain, it could manifest in all sorts of different ways depending on whatever level of the spine is affected."

When asked about her five-star Google reviews rating, Dr. Schmidt responds, "We strive really, really hard to make this a great experience for the patient. When patients are coming in with pain and not feeling their best, we try to brighten their day as much as possible."

We asked Dr. Schmidt if she had any tips for healers and their spine care, whether they work in an office setting or a clinical area. "So, for those that are working a lot at a desk, and they're sitting for a good part of the day, I first and foremost recommend that they try to set up their workstation as ergonomically as possible. So, bringing their work to them, rather than adapting their body posture to their work."

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She continued, "They're gonna start having issues and the aches and pains and those types of things when they are adapting to all of these awkward postures and far reaches and things like that. So the more they can set up their workstation to suit their needs, and their body size and type, the better off they're going to be. And then for those folks who are doing physical jobs, who are on their feet, movement is great, but also faring that movement. So, if they're spending some time sitting and time standing, that's great. If they're standing in one place for a long time, putting their foot on something like a foot rest can help alleviate some lower back tension."

Dr. Schmidt concludes, "taking care of yourself is important, not just your body, but also your mind and nourishing your body with healthy foods. Trying to decrease stress as much as possible, good mindfulness techniques. Because that's what I've seen when people come to me and they're stressed, I can tell something's going on. I get to know folks and their stress patterns really well over the course of the treatment plan. I know when somebody's undergoing stress, and it definitely does manifest in the body."

Dr. Schmidt's locations:

Norman Regional Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic
2605 S.W. 119th St., Suite B
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

210 S. James Garner Ave.
Norman, OK 73069

To set-up an appointment at either location, call: (405) 912-3900.

Dr. Schmidt is currently accepting new patients, and she says first-time patients can call (405) 912-3900 and appointments can be set-up at either location based on their needs. "I've instructed my staff to get them in the same day or next day. I don't want to have somebody wait if they're struggling with something or they're in pain, so we try to work them in as best as we can."