Norman Regional Health System

Norman Regional’s Bariatric Program focuses on improving every aspect of a patient’s life. Partnering with Journey Clinic, Norman Regional provides a comprehensive individual evaluation that includes medical testing and consultations with specialists.

Real Hope for a Healthier You

People who are at least 100 pounds over their ideal body weight suffer serious health risks and may face discrimination, ridicule and misunderstanding. Why not take the first step and request information today? A new and healthier you awaits.  

Norman Regional’s Weight Loss and Bariatric Program believes in improving every aspect of a patient’s life. Our philosophy is to educate and prepare all our patients for their weight-loss journey — because a well-prepared patient is the most successful patient.

All our patients undergo pulmonary function testing and individual consultation with our surgeon, psychologist, dietitian and exercise physiologist. Some patients may need further consultation with specialists in cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology or others. This encompasses:

  • Proper screening
  • An assessment of the risks and benefits of surgery for each patient
  • A multidisciplinary approach that includes a surgeon evaluation, nutrition counseling, support groups, psychological assessment, physical assessment and plan, and preoperative classes
  • Appropriate follow-up

Support Groups

It’s crucial to have support and advice from others who are undergoing bariatric surgery. Norman Regional provides a comprehensive support group in a safe, confidential environment.  

Due to COVID-19 all Support Groups are being held via Facebook Live on our No Excuses support group page. This will continue until further notice.

Meetings start with an educational topic and then break into open discussion. Support Groups are held on the first and third Thursday of each month at noon and 7 p.m. The noon meeting is the dietitian-led support group at Norman Regional's Journey Clinic in the Demo Kitchen. Participants must sign up in advance with the Journey Clinic and get a conformation from the Journey Clinic due to limited space in the Demo Kitchen. The 7 p.m. Support Group is held at Norman Regional Moore, 700 S. Telephone Rd., in the conference center. There is no need to sign up or register.


Shauna Durham, ADN, RN, Bariatric Program Administrator

Shauna Durham, RN, has been the Norman Regional Bariatric Program Administrator since September of 2021 and has been with the health system since 2016.  As the program administrator, Shauna functions as project manager, clinical resource for the bariatric surgery program, bariatric community outreach coordinator, and clinical educator for the entire health syster for bariatrics.  Shauna conducts patient and staff education, and support group moderation.  Shauna does clinical rounding on surgical patients after weight loss surgery and is the administrator for a nationally awarded Facebook group page with more that 4,300 members.

Contact the bariatric coordinator at