Norman Regional Health System

Here are the requirements for medical students who are interested in rotations at Norman Regional Health System. In order to complete a rotation, students must be enrolled in school, with a contract on file between the school and the health system.

You will need:

  • Contract on file with Norman Regional Health System

  • Liability Insurance Verification

  • HeartCode BLS, AHA

  • Rubeola, Mumps, Rubella
    • Positive Titers for Rubeola, Mumps and Rubella or
    • One MMR and positive titer for Rubeola and Mumps or
    • 2 MMR vaccinations

  • Two negative TB test within the last year
    • If TB is positive then the following are needed:
    • Public Contact Release
    • Survey completed
    • Negative Chest X-Ray

  • Varicella two doses or a Positive Titer

  • Current Flu Shot (October – April)

  • Negative Nine Panel Drug Screen

  • Name Based Background Check

  • One Hour Orientation Class

  • Dietetic Student Additional Requirements :
    • Hepatitis A Vaccine X2
    • Cleveland County Food Handlers Permit

Click here for more information on the clinical educational opportunities available at Norman Regional Health System.