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  • Outstanding Surgeon Oklahoma Surgical Associates

    "Don't think it is possible to say enough good things about my experience with parathyroid adenoma removal by Dr. Connally. I am 24 hours out and have needed no pain medicine. Incision is minimal. Dr. Connally and his team made the whole experience comfortable and their care was very compassionate. I did hours of researching out of state surgeons before making a choice and always came back to Dr. Connally. We have the best right here in Oklahoma! Kudos also to the staff at Norman Regional Healthplex. All friendly and professional."

    - Submitted by Cyndie M.
  • Best Experiences Oklahoma Surgical Associates

    "For the past year I have been having frequent attacks of diverticulitis (this is an infection in my colon). I was referred to Dr. Kahanda who is the colorectal surgeon. He is one of the best surgeons I have ever met. So kind and good at what he does. I also met his PA, Lauren, she took time to explain the procedure to me and answered all my questions. One of the best experiences I had was with the PA student who would come and see me early each morning after surgery. She was very caring and invested in me. She asked me questions about how I was doing and she took time to walk me through the steps of my recovery after surgery. I looked forward to seeing her each morning because she got excited about any progress I had made that day, even things as small as having a bowel movement, or tolerating my diet. I can't say enough about how good they treated me. I hope I never have to have colon surgery again, but if I do I will be coming back to them."

    - Submitted by Anonymous
  • Recommend to Anyone Oklahoma Surgical Associates

    "I had thyroid surgery in October of this year. I cannot say enough about the care I received from Dr. Connally and the staff at NRH. Dr. Connally is very professional, I feel he truly cares about each of his patients. The staff at NRH is exceptional in their care and treatment of of their patients. I would recommend Dr. Connally and NRH to anyone."

    - Submitted by Michelle S.
  • Outstanding Surgeon Oklahoma Surgical Associates

    "When I was diagnosed with parathyroid tumor I immediately started researching not only what it was but where the best surgeons were to perform this delicate surgery. It looked like I would need to go out of state until I was referred to Dr. Connally. After my husband and I had a consultation with Dr. Connally, we felt like the best surgeon was right here in Oklahoma. Because I have several serious medical conditions Dr. Connally took extra care in having all the scans and tests done before surgery and knowing exactly what he would be dealing with at surgery. My surgery went smooth and recovery has been successful. I was in the hospital overnight and the staff at Norman Regional Healthplex was the best. I highly praise Dr. Connally not only for being an outstanding surgeon but his bedside manner is outstanding. He truly cares about his patients."

    - Submitted by Elizabeth Ann G.
  • Excellent Surgeon Oklahoma Surgical Associates

    "Dr. Connally did my thyroid surgery. Excellent surgeon. He and his office staff make you feel right at home. I had no pain from the procedure. I also have no scar! (He used a wrinkle for the incision placement) I highly recommend him - in case you couldn’t tell."

    - Submitted by Phyllis J.
  • Dr. Connally and staff are wonderful!!! Oklahoma Surgical Associates


    A little over a week ago, Dr. Tom Connally performed my thyroid and parathyroid surgery. I cannot say enough about this man. My endocrinologist said that in her opinion Dr. Connally is the top surgeon in Oklahoma, and it quickly became obvious why she feels this way. In our initial visit with Dr. Connally, he thoroughly and patiently explained all the possibilities and procedures we would be dealing with. Although the waiting room was full, we felt like we were the only people in the world he had to worry about that day.

    In the weeks before my surgery, his nurse Jada kept in close contact with me, guiding me though all the pre-op tests and procedures. When we hit a major snag in one of the procedures, Jada worked her behind-the-scenes magic and all was well. She was always just a phone call away, explaining, reassuring, and keeping me on track. This lady is the ultimate in patience and kindness.

    The actual surgery was a breeze. Because of all the pre-op testing (which at one point I began to think was a bit of overkill, but after the surgery appreciated every single thing that had been done), Dr. Connally knew exactly what he was going for. All my reading had prepared me for headaches, sore back muscles, a sore throst, and prolonged hoarseness, but Dr. Connally is so precise that all I ended up with was a moderately sore throat for a couple of days. There was no damage whatsoever to my vocal chords (much to my family's dismay!) His surgeries may take a tad longer, but I'll take precision over speed any day.

    In our follow-up visit, Dr. Connally explained in detail (and in layman's terms!) all his findings. He is absolutely the most patient and reassuring man on the face of the earth. My surgery was a total success.

    I assure you, what I have written is from the heart. If all doctors and medical professionals were like Dr. Connally and his staff, what a wonderful (medical) world this would be!


    - Submitted by Regina A.