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Moore Monthly Richie Splitt Column - August 2015

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Richie Splitt, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, Norman Regional Moore & HealthPlex

Norman Regional Health System is committed to serving Moore. Our dedicated physicians and staff continue to provide high-quality health care at our temporary Emergency Services facility while constructing the new $29 million dollar state-of-the-art Norman Regional Moore facility. And, we are excited to announce that EMSSTAT – a division of the Norman Regional Health System – has been awarded a contract with the City of Moore to provide Emergency Medical Ambulance Services.

EMSSTAT is overseen by a Board-certified emergency medicine physician with ambulances staffed by highly-trained emergency professionals 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and for 20 years has been providing paramedic-level care to the community of Norman and surrounding areas (about 400 square miles). EMSSTAT paramedics are skilled professionals who initiate advanced airways, intravenous therapy, medication administration, use cardiac monitors and apply splints and bandaging to stabilize critically-ill, medical and trauma patients. EMSSTAT also offers hazardous material, disaster, and tactical medic response teams as well as special event coverage for football games, 4th of July celebrations, and so on.

EMSSTAT's ambulance service will be provided to Moore residents with no new add-on fees or subsidies from the city. A reasonable charge/payment methodology for the service is the responsibility of each patient and his/her insurance payer (Both Medicare and private insurance generally cover the cost of ambulance rides, and rely on medical necessity to determine payment for services).

EMSSTAT is an award-winning ambulance service that provides highly reliable care focused on extraordinary quality outcomes and service. For example, EMSSTAT was recently awarded the American Heart Association Mission Lifeline Gold Award for providing prompt, seamless and lifesaving treatment to patients experiencing cardiac arrest. The award signifies EMSTSTAT patients experience survival rates higher than the national average. Results such as this demonstrate our ongoing commitment to your personal health and keeping our community vibrant.

EMSSTAT is a noun, the name of a new ambulance service for our growing community. It is only a word until you see EMSSTAT in action, and then you will come to know EMSSTAT in reality is a verb! We are a team of highly trained emergency medicine professionals who work tirelessly to provide life-saving care to you and your family, so that when sudden emergencies occur or when your health is in serious danger and time is crucial, you can be confident that EMSSTAT and Norman Regional Moore is there for you.

Our EMSSTAT team is looking forward to serving Moore and becoming a member of its outstanding public safety team. Stop by and meet some of our top-notch EMSSTAT team members and tour our ambulance and special response vehicles at the National Night Out event scheduled for August 4 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Target parking lot, 720 SW 19 St.

You can't predict when you'll need an ambulance, but you can predict our continued commitment to highly reliable emergency services focused on the highest quality outcomes. Whether from a temporary medical building, a state-of-the-art modern healthcare facility or a high-performance ambulance service – this is where the healing begins.