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Moore Monthly Richie Splitt Column - February 2015

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Continuing to Care for Moore

Richie Splitt, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, Norman Regional Moore & HealthPlex

Before his passing in November, Dr. Rodney J. Miles, along with his staff, helped improve the lives of their patients by offering familiar and friendly faces, listening ears, encouraging words and personalized medical attention for nearly 30 years. Dr. Miles was known for getting his patients to come back to the office when needed. His patients trusted him because he had invested the time to learn their stories, concerns and motivations. Together they worked toward better health and a better life. Dr. Miles was an excellent physician who cared deeply about his patients and their families, and Norman Regional Health System aims to continue his legacy of compassionate care with the recent purchase of his practice.

Norman Regional has a history of working hard to offer the best healthcare providers and services to the communities we serve. In 2006 when the former owners of Moore Medical Center filed for bankruptcy Norman Regional stepped in to purchase the beleaguered hospital and pledged to continue offering healthcare to the community of Moore. We worked hard to retain staff, improve outcomes, expand services and, most importantly, to restore trust. By all accounts, we succeeded until we were temporarily interrupted by the tornado in May 2013.

In August 2014, Dr. Miles opened a brand new, permanent facility at 303 SE 4th Street. His previous office was located just east of the former Moore Medical Center. On May 20, 2013, he and his staff were buried beneath rubble and had to be freed from the debris. All escaped with minor injuries and quickly began establishing a temporary office location because he wanted his patients to have a place to "come back" to. Like Dr. Miles, when our hospital and our community was devastated by the tornado, Norman Regional stood shoulder to shoulder and pledged to rebuild: bigger, better, and stronger.

Today, our pledge is evident as the foundation for the new Norman Regional Moore medical facility takes shape. We are rebuilding the $29 million facility so that our resilient and growing community retains the highest quality care from the convenience of "home". In the meantime we continue delivering the high-quality healthcare you know and expect from the convenience of our onsite temporary buildings. We are fully committed to improving the health of our community.

Whether in a physician clinic, like Dr. Miles', or Moore Emergency Services or Moore Physical Therapy, Norman Regional Moore is here for you and your family. In a tradition shared with Dr. Miles, together we will continue working toward better health and a better life. We are here for you so that you can always come back when you need us. This is where the healing begins.