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The Continued Success of Norman Regional’s Student Nurse Partner Program

The Continued Success of Norman Regional’s Student Nurse Partner Program

Launched in 2021, Norman Regional Health System's Student Nurse Partner (SNP) Program has been revolutionizing the nursing education landscape by providing student nurses with real-world, practical experience to better prepare them for a nursing career. As of July 2023, the program has not only succeeded in bridging the gap between academic learning and hands-on nursing care but has also yielded impressive statistics in terms of recruitment and education outcomes.

Student Nurse Partner Program Results

The SNP Program is now boasting a substantial capture rate (the number of SNPs who are hired after completing the program) of over 50% and an even more remarkable retention rate of 93% after one year of employment as a registered nurse. This success rate signifies the program's effectiveness in securing talented, committed nurses for the future and ensuring they are empowered with the skills to succeed in nursing. In addition, the SNP Program has observed a reduction in orientation time while seeing an increase in competency scores, demonstrating the positive impact of the program on the student nurses' professional development.

Another significant achievement of the SNP Program is the outstanding NCLEX (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) pass rate of 96%. When compared to the 2022 national and state (Oklahoma) average pass rate of 79%, this high pass rate demonstrates the program's high-level effectiveness in preparing student nurses for their professional nursing roles.

"The SNP program, by strengthening the affiliation with our clinical partners, plays a pivotal role in elevating the nursing profession, providing high-quality clinical opportunities for aspiring nurses. As SNP participants become deeply immersed in the Norman Regional culture, a mutual assessment ensues, identifying the potential for their future employment within our healthcare system,” said Kelia Crabbe, Supervisor of the Student Nurse Partner Program.

“This win/win experience not only fosters the development of competent and confident new graduate nurses but also significantly enhances nursing recruitment and retention rates, continuing to drive positive transformations in our healthcare system."

As of now, the SNP Program has completed interviews for its 10th cohort. New students joined the program in June 2023 and they're set to graduate in July 2023 and May 2024. These students continue to support patient care through their Patient Care Technician (PCT) shifts, significantly contributing to the hospital's staffing requirements.

The students involved in the SNP Program have consistently reported that the experience is invaluable to their nursing education. The hands-on approach of the program is instrumental in building their competence and confidence in delivering patient care, underscoring the program's success in creating proficient, self-assured healthcare professionals.

The SNP Program remains a testament to Norman Regional Health System's commitment to enhancing nursing education while addressing staffing challenges in the healthcare sector both in Oklahoma and across the nation. Student nurses interested in being part of this transformative journey can apply via our careers page.