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McCurdy Legacy and Local Artistry Grace Purcell Clinic

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McCurdy Legacy and Local Artistry Grace Purcell Clinic

Norman Regional’s Purcell Clinic is home to two unique pieces of art that pay tribute to the people and places in "The Heart of Oklahoma." We delve into the rich history of the McCurdy family and the captivating artwork created by local celebrity Robin Marsh.

Doctors McCurdy: A Century of Healing

Returning to the heart of Oklahoma, Purcell has been more than just a location—it has been the cherished home of the McCurdy family since 1904. The term "heart" fittingly captures the essence of what the McCurdy family embodies and has generously shared with countless individuals over the years. This remarkable tale traces its roots back to 1903 when Dr. William C. McCurdy Sr. (1876-1951) of Chico, Texas, ventured to Wheatland, OK, and eventually settled in Purcell in 1904 after completing his studies at the University of Texas-Galveston Medical School.

The legacy continued with Dr. William C. McCurdy Jr. (1910-88), followed by Dr. William C. "Bill" McCurdy III, a retired 85-year-old Norman surgeon who dedicated a day of his practice to serving to Purcell. Another member of this illustrious lineage, Dr. Rick McCurdy, a cousin of Bill McCurdy and also a Norman surgeon, similarly dedicates a day of his practice to serving Purcell.

For over a century, this lineage of physicians has been an unwavering pillar of support for the communities in Cleveland and McClain counties. The McCurdy family proudly upholds a tradition of medical service, stretching from their grandfather to the present day. Bill and Rick exemplify the same fervor, compassion, and love of service that have defined their family's legacy.

With the inauguration of Norman Regional’s – Purcell location, we are honored to pay tribute to this extraordinary family, whose commitment has spanned more than a century of dedicated service to the community. We are thrilled to extend that legacy of passion, determination, and genuine care to the Cleveland and McClain County community, embodying the heart and spirit of service it truly deserves.

Dr. Rick McCurdy, a Purcell native and general surgeon follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Dr. W.C. McCurdy, Sr., and his legendary uncle Dr. Bill McCurdy, Jr. He fondly remembers his uncle Bill and cousin Bill as role models during his medical school and surgical residency years. Dr. Rick McCurdy pursued his education at the University of Oklahoma, even gracing the football field in the iconic Sooners jersey.  With more than 40 years of service to the regional community, he embodies the spirit of commitment and care that has defined the McCurdy family’s healthcare tradition.

Meet The Artist: Demetrius Clements 

Demetrius Clements is a seasoned professional artist with a passion for captivating the eye with his extreme attention to detail. He was born and raised on the south side of Peoria, IL, where he began to draw at an early age as an outlet to overcome some of the trials he experienced growing up in the projects. He quickly realized then that the art world was his passion. Over the past 30-plus years, while working as a freelance barber Demetrius was able to graduate high school and get an art degree from Western Illinois University. Demetrius brings a sense of pride and immense work ethic into every design he creates. His artwork can be found in your neighbor’s home as custom art or in local restaurants and museums. His success as an independent artist is attributed to his creativity and problem-solving skills, as he is able to create what his clients visualize. Today, he designs and illustrates for clients all around the United States and is followed on social media by people from all around the world. 

Artist Demetrius

About the Art: "Heart at Peace"

This piece was crafted as an ode to Purcell's nickname, the Heartland of Oklahoma, with vibrant hues of purple symbolizing the partnership between Purcell and Norman Regional Health System. We are excited to become a part of this community, bringing exceptional healthcare services to the residents of Cleveland and McClain counties.

Meet The Artist: Robin Marsh

Robin Marsh is an Emmy Award-winning news anchor in Oklahoma City. Robin is a self-taught artist who started her art journey during the pandemic. Robin uses her influence through art as a way to share her faith. All her artwork is titled with a scripture from God’s Word. She hopes everyone enjoys her art as much as she enjoys creating it.

Robin Marsh Designs

Interior art selections were curated by Dana McBrayer of  D& K Art Design. 

Norman Regional's Purcell Clinic is not just a place for healthcare; it's a space where history, art, and community converge. The McCurdy legacy and Robin Marsh's "Heart of Oklahoma" artwork serve as a testament to the deep connections that bind this clinic to the heart of its community. Visit our Purcell Clinic to experience this unique blend of tradition and artistry firsthand.

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