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Statement on Tornadoes From Sunday, February 26, 2023

Statement on Tornadoes From Sunday, February 26, 2023

On the night of February 26, 2023, a series of tornadoes touched down in Norman, Oklahoma. The tornadoes and storms most heavily affected the south and eastern sides of Norman, causing damage to homes, schools, businesses, and infrastructure.

About 12 patients were seen at Norman Regional emergency departments in the wake of the tornadoes. Thankfully, all patients were treated for non-life-threatening injuries with the most severe injury being a broken leg due to a car crash, according to Norman Chief of Police Kevin Foster.

Norman Regional Nine located at 2000 Ann Branden Blvd. Norman, the healthcare facility closest to the tornado’s path, did not sustain any major damage. It is open and ready to treat patients.

“We have several homes, businesses, and schools that appear to have some damage from the storm,” said Chief Foster. “With the light this morning, we have drones up helping us assess damage. Just want everyone to know just in case you see or hear them. That’s us surveying the damage with those drones.”

Tornado Presser

The tornadoes were part of a severe weather system that swept across the region, bringing with it strong winds, heavy rain, and lightning strikes. The National Weather Service had issued a tornado warning for the area as storms pushed across the state, urging residents to take shelter and stay indoors until the storms had passed.

Currently, emergency services and local officials are working to clear debris and assess the damage. As more updates come, The City of Norman will be providing updates on closures, needs, and resources on their website at NormanOK.Gov.

“Other areas wanting to help can just let us know that they are available for assistance and if we need something, we can reach out to them,” said Chief Foster.

At this time, the 12th Avenue Recreation Center at 1701 12th Ave NE is open and available for anybody in need of shelter. There will be staff from the American Red Cross of Oklahoma and Cleveland County Health Department present to offer mental health services and tetanus shots among other resources.