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NRHS Installs First 3D Breast Specimen Imaging System in OK

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NRHS Installs First 3D Breast Specimen Imaging System in OK

Norman Regional has installed the first CT (3D) breast specimen imaging system in the state of Oklahoma – the Clarix Imaging VSI-360 breast specimen imaging system. The Clarix Imaging system will help breast cancer surgeons identify tumors more easily during lumpectomy procedures.

In the world of medical technology, there's always a need for new tools that can improve patient care and make surgeries safer and more effective. That's where Clarix Imaging's VSI-360 comes in. This new technology is transforming the way surgeries are performed by giving doctors a clearer view of what's happening inside the body, which has a range of benefits for both patients and surgeons.

What is the VSI-360?

The VSI-360 is a cutting-edge medical imaging system that uses advanced software and high-resolution imaging to give doctors detailed, real-time information about body tissues during surgery. This technology creates 3D images of the tissue, which means doctors can see every tiny detail and make better decisions with pinpoint accuracy during surgery, reducing the risk of complications and second surgeries.

Norman Regional Breast Oncologic Surgeon with the Norman Regional Breast Surgery Clinic, John Chace, MD, was an advocate for the Clarix Imaging system. The Norman Regional Health Foundation invested in the new technology on behalf of the health system to improve patient outcomes.

“The very first time I used the Clarix System, this technology positively impacted the care of my patient. She had a known small invasive cancer that we had localized. With the Clarix imaging of the specimen, I could see an area trailing away from it up to the margin,” said Dr. Chace. “This prompted me to take additional tissue. The additional margin was negative and prevented her from having to return to [the] operating room for a second surgery”.

Benefits for Patients

  • Safer surgeries: By giving doctors a better view of what's going on inside the body, the VSI-360 reduces the risk of damaging healthy tissues or leaving behind unhealthy ones.
  • Fewer follow-up surgeries: With the VSI-360, doctors can get all the information they need during the first surgery, which means patients are less likely to need additional procedures later on.
  • Faster recovery times: Because surgeries using the VSI-360 are more precise and accurate, patients may recover more quickly and spend less time in the hospital.

Benefits for Surgeons

  • More efficient surgeries: The VSI-360’s real-time, 3D imaging helps doctors make smarter decisions during surgery, which means they can work more efficiently and reduce the risk of complications.
  • Optimized workflow: The VSI-360 works well with other surgical tools and equipment, making it easy for doctors to use it during procedures and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Ongoing updates and support: Clarix Imaging is dedicated to making the VSI-360 even better by providing regular software updates and expert help to ensure doctors always have the latest and greatest technology at their fingertips.

With its many advantages, the VSI-360 is set to become a must-have tool for medical professionals all over the world, helping to improve patient care and make surgeries more effective than ever before.

While the VSI-360 is transforming surgical procedures, it's important to remember that prevention and early detection are crucial in maintaining optimal health. For women, the most essential preventive measure is getting an annual mammogram.

Regular mammograms can help detect breast cancer at an early stage when it's easier to treat and has a higher chance of being cured. By catching potential issues early, mammograms can save lives and reduce the need for more invasive treatments. According to the American Cancer Societywhen breast cancer is detected early, and is in the localized stage, the 5-year relative survival rate is 99%.

As medical technology continues to advance, tools like the VSI-360 and the emphasis on preventive care, such as annual mammograms, will work hand-in-hand to improve overall healthcare and ensure better outcomes for patients.

If you are ready to schedule your annual mammogram, we encourage you to do so here.