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Enroll in SoonerSelect: Your Guide to Healthcare with Norman Regional

Enroll in SoonerSelect: Your Guide to Healthcare with Norman Regional

What is the SoonerSelect Program in Oklahoma? How Can I Enroll?

What is SoonerSelect?

Norman Regional is here to help you and your family navigate the changes to Oklahoma’s SoonerCare.

SoonerCare, Oklahoma's Medicaid program, is rolling out a new healthcare program called SoonerSelect that will offer more Oklahomans the chance to receive quality healthcare.

Most SoonerCare members will get their health care services covered in a new way through health and dental plans known as SoonerSelect.

SoonerSelect represents a change in healthcare delivery for Oklahomans. It's a system designed to improve the coordination of health and dental care, enhancing the quality of services received by members. SoonerSelect provides SoonerCare health benefits through contracted arrangements between state Medicaid agencies, health plans, and dental plans.

This program, operated by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), partners with various health and dental plans to offer comprehensive health benefits for SoonerCare members.

All health and dental plans will provide coverage to SoonerSelect members in all 77 Oklahoma counties.

Immediate Actions You Need to Take on

Ensuring that your personal information is up-to-date on is crucial, as it’s the platform through which OHCA will communicate important information regarding SoonerSelect. If you are transitioning to SoonerSelect, you can expect to receive notifications regarding health plan choices beginning January 2024.

Update your information now online at or call the SoonerCare Hotline at 800-987-7767.

Who’s Eligible for SoonerSelect?

SoonerCare group members who qualify will be enrolled in SoonerSelect.

Eligibility categories for SoonerSelect include children, foster children, low-income parents, pregnant women, and non-disabled adults aged 19-64. American Indian/Alaska Native members have the option to opt-in but are not required to enroll.

If you are changing to SoonerSelect, OHCA will ask you to pick one dental plan and one health plan.

You can compare the benefits of each plan and pick the right one for you or your child. There are three SoonerSelect programs. 

SoonerSelect Dental Program

The SoonerSelect Dental Program enables members to enroll in a dental plan covering essential preventive and restorative dental care and orthodontic services for children under 21.

SoonerSelect Health Program

The SoonerSelect Health Program offers members the choice to select a health plan, which will cover medically necessary prescriptions, health services, and behavioral health services, excluding dental services.

Children’s Specialty Program

The Children's Specialty Program (CSP) caters to members within the juvenile justice system and those served by Oklahoma Human Services, such as children in foster care and those receiving adoption assistance. CSP provides crucial prescriptions, healthcare services, and behavioral health services tailored to the unique needs of these children, with a particular focus on early identification and intervention.

Benefits of Joining SoonerSelect

SoonerSelect aims to enhance member satisfaction by focusing on preventive and primary care health services. The program offers the same healthcare services as SoonerCare, with additional benefits to improve overall health. This includes medically necessary prescriptions, health services, and behavioral health services.

There is no extra cost for enrolling in a SoonerSelect plan.

Norman Regional is Here to Help

Norman Regional is contracted with all three health plans and is here to serve you regardless of the plan you choose. You’re required to select a primary care doctor by March 10, 2024, or one will be assigned to you by your plan.

When enrolling, be sure to look for a doctor affiliated with Norman Regional. We have convenient locations across south central Oklahoma.

If you would like to learn more about Norman Regional physicians, visit our Find a Provider section on our website or call 405-515-5000 and talk to a live person about finding the provider right for you.

We can get you and your family connected to a doctor that will meet your unique healthcare needs.

Enrolling in SoonerSelect

Enrollment involves selecting a health and dental plan that aligns with your needs. You can compare the benefits of each plan online, and if you don't choose, a plan will be assigned to you. To enroll and check eligibility, visit or call the SoonerCare Helpline at (800) 987-7767.

Selecting the Plan that's Right for You

Health and dental plans come with their own provider networks. It’s essential to seek care from a provider within your plan's network, which includes primary care providers (PCPs) and primary care dentists (PCDs).

Your PCP can be a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, and you have the flexibility to choose as long as they’re part of your plan's network. PCPs are responsible for overseeing your overall health, coordinating your healthcare needs, and making referrals to specialists when necessary.

A PCD specializes in dental care and manages your dental health needs, coordinates dental care requirements, and refers you to dental specialists when required. If you already have a preferred doctor or healthcare provider you'd like to continue seeing, a SoonerCare specialist can assist you in selecting a plan that allows you to retain your current provider.

You have the option to select from three health plans with health coverage starting April 1, 2024:

Norman Regional accepts all three insurance plans.

Additionally, you can choose from two dental plans with dental coverage starting Feb. 1, 2024DentaQuest or LIBERTY Dental. Your dental plan covers medically necessary cleanings, preventive and restorative dental care, and includes medically necessary orthodontic services for children under 21.

Choosing a Primary Care Provider

Each plan in SoonerSelect has a network of providers. To continue seeing your current Norman Regional provider, ensure you are including Norman Regional in your chosen plan’s network. Provider directories are available on each plan’s website to help in this decision. Be sure to look for a Norman Regional provider.

For a list of Norman Regional Primary Care Providers visit our website under the "Find a Provider" section. Or call our Norman Regional Community Call Center and speak with a live person to find a provider that's right for you at 405-515-5000.

Impact on Current Members

Transitioning to SoonerSelect will not change the fundamental benefits members currently receive under SoonerCare. The aim is to maintain consistency in healthcare services while introducing enhanced care coordination and additional benefits.

For a list of SoonerCare’s benefits coverage, visit the SoonerCare Benefits page on

Change in Benefits and Providers

While the core benefits remain consistent with SoonerCare, the introduction of extra benefits tailored to individual needs is a key feature of SoonerSelect. The availability of specific providers may vary across different plans, necessitating careful selection to ensure continuity with preferred healthcare providers[MJ5].

Enrollment Process

Prospective members can enroll online at or via phone at 800-987-7767 during the designated sign-up period starting in January 2024. The process is designed to be user-friendly, with support available throughout.

Members may choose a dental plan starting December 1, 2023, by visiting It's important to choose your health plan between Feb. 1, 2024 - March 10, 2024.

If you do not select a dental or health plan, a plan will be chosen for you and you might lose seeing your Norman Regional provider.

Those with SoonerCare dental services will be covered through a dental plan starting Feb. 1, 2024. The rest of your healthcare needs will be covered by health plans starting on April 1, 2024. Be sure to watch for mail and emails for instructions on how to pick a dental and health plan for you and your family.

How Much Will SoonerSelect Cost Me?

SoonerSelect enrollment does not incur additional costs. However, some members might be responsible for copays for certain services.

Norman Regional is Your Health and Wellness Partner

As a leader in providing community-focused healthcare, Norman Regional is committed to guiding our community through this transition. We aim to ensure that everyone eligible understands and can fully benefit from the opportunities that SoonerSelect offers. For more personalized guidance and information, we encourage our community members to reach out to us or visit