Norman Regional Health System

Friday, April 14, 2023

David Haynes, (MS, PT, SCS, OCS, ATC, MDT), is a fellowship-trained physical therapist with Norman Regional’s Ortho Central clinic. He is also a board-certified sports Clinical Specialist and Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. David developed an interest in physical therapy when he sustained an ACL tear and experienced physical therapy as a patient. David said his patients can expect a provider who will go the extra mile to make sure they return to their prior level of functioning.

Special interests:

  • Manual therapy
  • Onsite athletic training
  • Spine injury rehabilitation
  • Sports and orthopedic rehabilitation

David has been a PT and Norman resident for 30 years and was raised in Oklahoma. He currently lives in Norman with his wife and four children. He has a passion for taking care of people and can empathize after having multiple knee surgeries himself.  A former marathoner and now an avid cyclist, he can be seen all over Norman. Just look for the Bicycle League of Norman multicolored jersey.

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