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Power Share Images

Online access to your medical images

Share your images easily with the PowerShare Network! This safe, secure and efficient system allows both you and your healthcare provider to share and view your images.

When you have imaging done at Norman Regional, we provide you free and secure online access to the same medical images your doctor sees. No more CD or DVDs to keep track of! If you need access to your images, please call Norman Regional Radiology at 405-307-1600.

We give you:

  • Immediate access to your images
  • Accessibility from anywhere, anytime with any internet connected device
  • Freedom from having to keep up with CDs or film
  • Medical images that are safe from harm and unauthorized access
  • Unlimited free storage and access

How to upload images using PowerShare

If you have never accessed PowerShare before, simply visit the PowerShare website link and follow theEasy uploader instructions (PDF) for a fast way to share your images with us.

If you have any additional questions or issues, please contact the PowerShare support at 1-866-809-4746.

How long are images stored

NOTE: "My Images" are retained for the life of your account. This allows you to revisit your prior imaging as needed. "Shared Images" are deleted after 45 days. You must “Copy” your studies or “Download DICOM” to keep them past 45 days

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