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Norman Regional Nurse of the Year Awards

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Norman Regional Nurse of the Year Awards

Norman Regional physicians and practitioners couldn’t serve and heal our community without the network of nurses supporting them in their duties.

Since 2010, Norman Regional Health System physicians nominate and fund Norman Regional’s Nurse of the Year awards, recognizing the nurses who stand out for their exceptional work and can-do attitude.

Nurse of the Year finalists for 2022 were surprised in early January by a visit by Lana Nelson, DO and Norman Regional Health Foundation members at their respective hospital and clinics.

Three nurses were given the exciting news that they were selected as finalists, with one runner-up and ultimately, the award winner.

Sheila Monson, RNEmergency Department (ED) at our Norman Regional Moore campus, is a prime example of the Norman Way and the official NRHS 2022 Nurse of the Year.

Her nomination included how her patient-care efforts go beyond the ED into the regional communities we serve. “She has really made an impact through her work with human trafficking. She single-handedly developed a program and has championed this throughout the hospital.” Monson started her career at NRHS in 2009, and currently gives of her time as the chair of the unit based council. Her nominator wanted Monson to be acknowledged for her leadership over the ED. “Beyond the excellent work she does as a nurse, she is a department leader. Her patients and co-workers love her and are so glad she is there to think in an innovative way and to make positive changes.”

Sheila Monson

Runner-up for NRHS’ Nurse of the Year was bestowed on Diana Hughes, LPN, at Oklahoma Headache Center at the clinics. Hughes has been a Norman Regional healer for nearly 30 years and was recognized for going above and beyond for her patients on a daily basis, particularly for returning patient calls quickly and efficiently. Her nominator said, “Many of our patients brag on her, not a week goes by where a patient doesn’t comment about how wonderful she is. I have been around a long time now, and I have never seen or worked with a better nurse.”

Diana Hughes

Katie Gilmore, RN, a float/flex nurse at Norman Regional HealthPlex was a finalist nominated for being a smart and outstanding nurse who is willing to be flexible at all times. Her nominator also shared, “She is calm under pressure and is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients.”

Katie Gilmore with Nelson and Barnhart

Charissa Gowens, RN, oversees the Same Day Surgery Department as charge nurse on the Porter Campus. Employed with NRHS since 1998, her nominator states Gowens should be commended for her demeanor, leadership, compassion and commitment to patient care. Gowen’s nominator also shared, “She remains calm in the midst of a busy, chaotic ambulatory care unit.”

Charissa Gowens

Amy Hawley, RN, a nursing supervisor over Labor & Delivery at Norman Regional HealthPlex, rounded out the trio of finalists recognized for NRHS’s Nurse of the Year. Her nomination stated, “She is an individual who demonstrates excellence in nursing advocacy, patient advocacy and leadership; she serves as a champion for the nursing profession and actively seeks to improve nursing management.” Hawley’s nomination also stated that she often goes above and beyond to meet everyone’s needs while working tirelessly and asking for little in return.

Amy Hawley with leadership

Congratulations to these outstanding nurses!

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