Norman Regional Health System

Paramedics Partnered with the Community

Paramedics can handle any type of emergency, from car accidents to cardiac arrests. We partner with the Norman and Moore Fire Departments to respond to all emergency calls in Norman, Moore and immediate surrounding areas. EMSSTAT has four stations throughout Norman and Moore to distribute coverage, with the hub at our Eastside Station north of Norman Regional Hospital on Robinson Street and Porter Avenue.

The Highest Quality Standards

  • Cases are routinely reviewed by supervisors, the manager, and our medical director, Patrick Cody, DO, MPH, FACOEP.
  • Paramedic supervisors are able to respond to incidents to provide quality oversight.
  • Our Emergency Department physicians, who act as our daily online medical control, are also able to provide timely feedback on our medics’ performances.
  • Protocols for patient care are kept up to date, and practice improvements are rapidly implemented.
  • Every month, EMSSTAT reviews specific quality measures, such as intubation success rates, scene times for time-sensitive cases and monitoring of congestive heart failure treatment and outcomes.

Medical Director

Patrick Cody, DO, MPH, FACOEP, attended medical school at the Oklahoma State School of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his emergency medicine residency training at Integris Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Dr. Cody completed a two-year fellowship in emergency medical services (EMS) and disaster medicine at Intregis Southwest Medical Center. He is also the medical director for the city of Norman Fire Department, Norman Police Department and Norman Communications Center. Dr. Cody is very active locally and at the state level and is a recognized national speaker and published author. He has his own response vehicle and responds to calls for service to provide quality assurance, training and expertise. 

EMSSTAT Residency Program 

Norman Regional offers a progressive learning environment for our paramedics, with an all-paramedic full-time staff and two paramedics in every ambulance so that newer employees receive extensive field training. EMSSTAT also benefits from the vast year-round educational opportunities on a wide variety of topics offered by Norman Regional Health System, as well as educational opportunities in collaboration with other metro area hospitals.

Learn about the EMSSTAT residency program.

Today, it happened to me. I had to call 911 when my daughter collapsed at my house. Your guys were quick to respond and from what the ER doctor says, saved her life. I'm sorry I didn't get names, but the team that arrived was most professional.