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Special Event Coverage


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EMSSTAT has capabilities to provide Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) coverage for large events in the community. Some of the annual events covered are parades, the Norman Medieval Fair, the Norman Music Festival, high school football games, and University of Oklahoma home football games. These events are covered as an ambulance standby, single paramedic standby or bicycle paramedic.

University of Oklahoma home football games are the largest standby EMSSTAT does annually. At these games our team provides rapid response to more than 85,000 spectators. EMSSTAT always has two bike teams, a bike supervisor, and two field medics on a John Deer Gator, a single medic on the upper eastside of the stadium, and a transport ambulance staged in Gomer Jones.

To schedule special event coverage contact the on duty Crew Chief at 405-307-1561. If you do not know what type of coverage you require, feel free to call and talk to the Crew Chief.

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