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EMSSTAT in Norman & Moore

Prompt Care for Medical Emergencies

As the paramedic department of Norman Regional Health System, EMSSTAT represents not only the pinnacle of urgent medical services, but also a steadfast dedication to the communities it serves. Residents of Norman and Moore can trust EMSSTAT to provide exceptional emergency care with a commitment to superior patient outcomes.

Our team of highly qualified paramedics and EMTs stands at the ready, with emergency vehicles operated by skilled professionals who ensure safe and rapid transportation to the nearest emergency room in Norman or Moore. For Norman and Moore emergency room services when they’re needed most, Norman Regional’s EMSSTAT team is here to assist.

Emergency and Critical Care Services

At the heart of EMSSTAT's operations is the provision of comprehensive emergency services. Whether it's responding to an immediate health crisis or coordinating disaster response efforts, we are equipped to handle a wide spectrum of situations with efficiency and expertise.

Understanding that certain medical conditions require specialized attention, EMSSTAT's Critical Care division facilitates inter-facility transport for patients in need of more serious care. This service is an essential link between traditional paramedic services and the advanced treatment available at our facilities, therefore ensuring that every patient receives the exact level of care they require, without delay.

In addition to emergency response, EMSSTAT is proud to actively participate in public safety relations by providing HAZMAT, SWAT support, and expert disaster response. Our Public Safety Relations team works closely with local agencies to make sure that our communities have access to emergency readiness support and resources.

Comprehensive & Innovative Treatments for All Your Healthcare Needs

To sustain this high standard of care, EMSSTAT is invested in training and incentivizing the next generation of paramedics and EMTs by fostering a culture of continual learning and professional growth. Combining state-of-the-art equipment, specialized critical care transport, and a community-first approach, EMSSTAT stands as a beacon of hope and reliability for all emergency health concerns in the Norman and Moore areas. At Norman Regional Health System, we proudly lead the way in emergency medical services, always ready to offer care when it's needed most.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. To get in touch with someone in our emergency room department, feel free to call 405-307-1000.

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