Norman Regional Health System

EMSSTAT provides inter-facility critical care transport for patients requiring a higher level of care than that provided by a traditional paramedic. EMSSTAT's Critical Care Paramedics are trained through an in-house training program that provides approximately 120 hours of additional training in areas such as mechanical ventilation, advanced hemodynamic monitoring, critical care drugs, advanced 12 lead ECG interpretation, and intra-aortic balloon pump management. Each Critical Care Paramedic is then mentored during critical care transports to ensure their competency.

EMSSTAT has a specialty ambulance designed for critical care transports called the Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU). This ambulance is based on an International Navistar medium duty 4 door cab chassis and has a large patient care box. It's design allows for four attendants in the patient care area that can be safely seat belted while providing patient care. It is often used for transports of longer distances as it has a 100 gallon fuel tank. It is also used for transport of neonates and the neonatal transport team.