Joe Denny's Weight Loss Journey

Joe lost 100+ lbs following Bariatric Surgery.

Reeva’s Weight Loss Journey - Bypass Surgery

Reeva lost 56 lbs and no longer takes medication for Diabetes. Her blood pressure is under control, she's happier, able to clean her own house and plays with her grandchildren.

Aaron’s Weight Loss Journey - Sleeve Surgery

Aaron lost 100 pounds, went from 23 pills a day to 2 a day and runs 5-6 miles a day. Aaron now sleeps through the night, has more energy and referees Soccer Games.

Jennifer’s Weight Loss Journey - Sleeve Surgery

Jennifer lost 90 pounds and went from 7 pills a day to 2 to a day. She no longer suffers from heartburn, has increased energy, breaths and sleeps better.

Linda’s Weight Loss Journey - Band Surgery

Linda lost 77 pounds! Daily activities are no longer a struggle. Her self esteem has skyrocketed and now enjoys being in pictures. She recently started riding a motorcycle and said it no longer hurts to be active anymore.

Vern’s Weight Loss Journey - Band Surgery

Vern lost 61 pounds and went from 27 pills a day to 7 a day. He now plays with his grandkids and has a new lease on life. His only regret is he didn't have surgery earlier.