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Norman Regional’s Post-COVID Recovery Program addresses medical conditions as they emerge in patients experiencing extended or severe post-COVID-19 symptoms by providing a multidisciplinary assessment, treatment and resources for patients recovering from mild to severe or extended COVID-19, these patients are also known as having “Post COVID-19 Syndrome.” Patients will be treated at the Pulmonary Clinic at Robinson Medical Plaza, under the care of Sergio Garcia, MD and Monica Lawson, APRN-CNP.

Patients will also have the ability to self-refer and there is no questionnaire required. 

Please call 405-515-4888 to schedule an appointment.

The effects of COVID-19 can last for extended amounts of time. Patients with Post COVID-19 Syndrome who have recovered from the worst impact of COVID-19 and now have a negative test, however, continue to present symptoms that interfere with the patient’s daily functions. About 10% of COVID-19 patients develop Post COVID-19 Syndrome. In Norman Regional’s primary service area, there were approximately 34,063 positive COVID-19 tests in 2020, resulting in approximately 3,406 of these patients developing Post COVID-19 Syndrome.


Referrals to the program will be accepted from the acute care setting at discharge, Primary Care physicians, specialists, and self-referrals. There will be a Registered Nurse Care Coordinator in the house to assist in connecting the patient with resources and education.


Based on research, it can be said that patients with Post COVID-19 Syndrome experience lingering deficits in both pulmonary and cognitive functions. Deficits can range from impairment of cardiovascular function to depression, and other medical issues adversely affecting the patient’s quality of life. Patients will self-report symptoms which will help the Post COVID Recovery Program team in facilitating referrals.

A Pulmonary Function Test will be performed in the clinic prior to the patient’s initial exam and medication reconciliation focusing on new medications since the original COVID-19 diagnosis will be completed.

Tobacco use and depression screenings will be performed at each visit with each patient. Orders for further Diagnostic Imaging, Lab testing, and referrals to additional specialists will be facilitated as needed and directed by the provider.

The Post-COVID Recovery Program will assist patients with re-entrance to the community and ensure continuity of care. The exact nature of ongoing deficits remains uncertain, as the needs will be tracked over time.

Scheduling a patient to participate in the program will be the same as any referral to the clinic. The patient will need to have a recent chest X-ray and schedule a Pulmonary Function Test with the clinic the same day as the appointment. The clinic will assist with the facilitation of this.

Care Coordination will assist with facilitating referrals. Potential referrals expected could include Pulmonary Rehab, Sleep Studies, Cardiology, Neurology, Behavioral Health (counseling), and outpatient therapies such as Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy. The patient will be assisted in acquiring home oxygen, DME, and TYTO Care patient monitoring devices. If the patient self-refers to the program and does not have a Primary Care Physician (PCP), assistance in finding a PCP will be provided. or the patient can click here to Find a Provider.

It is important to note that this is a program offered within an established and respected Norman Regional Clinic. Patients will be treated with the same quality of care, and referrals will be handled with the same focus of patient care. In addition, the clinic will have a Registered Nurse Care Coordinator in place to assist in the care and navigation of the patient.

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