Norman Regional Health System

Several of Norman Regional Health System’s lab locations offer testing for COVID-19. Please call our COVID hotline at 405-515-4328 for all testing locations. You can also Click here to schedule an appointment now at a location near you.

Most insurances will completely cover the cost of a COVID test. However, Norman Regional offers the COVID PCR test at a cash pay rate of $65. To purchase a voucher for the $65 PCR test, please visit MDSave by clicking here. Then present your voucher to a team member at Norman Regional.

Please do NOT utilize the Emergency Department for COVID-19 testing unless you are experiencing emergent symptoms such as trouble breathing, chest pain, fainting, etc.

COVID Drive Through Site

Norman Regional has a drive through testing site located at 516 E. Rich St. in Norman, OK. It was formerly the Hospitality House and directly south of our Norman Regional Hospital campus. You can remain in your car while our team administers the test. Please wear a mask until an employee instructs you to remove it.

Test Results

Results are posted in our Patient Portal within 24 hours. You can find out more about our patient portal and sign up here.

The following are the results you will receive from viral testing:

POSITIVE - the test detected the presence of the RNA virus and you are considered to be infected. Please take active steps to prevent the spread of disease by following the directions of the CDC and your healthcare provider.

NEGATIVE - No presence of viral RNA was detected at the time the sample was collected. This means that COVID-19 RNA/virus was not detected at the time the sample was collected. You should still continue to take active steps to protect yourself, by following the advice of the CDC and your healthcare provider.

Types of Test

Norman Regional Health system uses the Nucleic Acid amplification/PCR testing for all of our COVID-19 testing.

PCR tests provide accurate and quick results. A Norman Regional professional will insert a nasal swab into your nose or sinus area to collect your specimen. This process may be uncomfortable for a just a few moments.