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Our President and CEO Richie Splitt delivered a message about the coronavirus at the start of the outbreak.

Norman Regional’s team of experts including physicians want to keep you informed with the latest, critical information about COVID-19. Our physicians are a trusted source of local information. Check this page for ways you can listen, watch and read to stay up-to-date.


Our medical experts are providing helpful updates on Oklahoma City radio station KYIS 98.9 FM. This segment called “Lunch with the Doctor” airs Monday through Friday around 12:10 p.m.

Past segments include:

Dr. Richard Kirkpatrick, orthopedic surgeon at Ortho Central, talks about virtual visits, how COVID-19 is affecting surgeries and more. Listen (mp3)

He also spoke with The Rush and you can listen to that interview here. Listen (mp3)

KREF SportsTalk

Listen as Dr. James Bond, orthopedic surgeon with Ortho Central, talks with Toby Rowland of KREF SportsTalk about the state’s reopening and the importance of continuing to social distance and take measures to prevent the spread of infection. This interview was recorded May 1, 2020. Listen (mp3)

Listen as Dr. James Bond, orthopedic surgeon with Ortho Central, talks with Toby Rowland of KREF SportsTalk about the return of elective surgeries and Norman Regional’s response to COVID-19. This interview was recorded April 24, 2020. Listen (mp3)


Norman Regional has partnered with Norman Mayor Breea Clark on a series of Facebook Live videos. The Mayor has spoken with Emergency Medicine physician Dr. Stephanie Barnhart, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Richard Kirkpatrick and Psychiatrist Dr. Farhan Jawed.

  • 5/27/20  Farhan Jawed discusses the rise in mental health issues during the pandemic. (View Video)
  • 5/20/20  Dr. Ahmad Ashfaq explains the challenges of fighting COVID-19. (View Video)
  • 5/18/20  Dr. Lawrence Carter talks about treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. (View Video)
  • 5/13/20  Breast Care Center Cindy Barghols Discusses the Importance of Mammograms. (View Video)
  • 5/11/20  APRN David Sparlin on Keeping Seniors Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic. (View Video)
  • 5/5/20  Dr. Tom Connally talks about the importance of face coverings as people begin to visit more public places. (View Video)
  • 4/29/20  Dr. Dan Isbell explains the new guidelines for patients undergoing elective procedures. (View Video)
  • 4/22/20  Dr. Betty Harmon on how to keep kids on track physical, socially and academically. (View Video)
  • 4/15/20  Dr. Tom Connally discusses the options people have for medical treatment that isn’t related COVID-19. (View Video)
  • 4/13/20  Dr. Julia Stoltenberg talks about helping kids cope during a pandemic. (View Video)
  • 4/10/20  Dr. Clay Cochran on how Norman Regional is preparing for a potential surge of COVID-19 patients. (View Video)
  • 4/1/20  Dr. Farhan Jawed shares tips on dealing with mental health issues during a pandemic. (View Video)
  • 3/30/20  Dr. Richard Kirkpatrick discusses how COVID-19 is impacting the community and our health system. (View Video)
  • 3/16/20  Dr. Stephanie Barnhart discusses who should be tested for COVID-19. (View Video)

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Wash your hands the right way! That’s for 20 seconds and with soap and warm water. Check out this video that demonstrates proper handwashing form.


Dietitian Teresa Brown offers tips on how to stop stress eating during this stressful time. Read her blog here.

Our tips on staying well will help you through this pandemic and are good practices to put into place anytime! Check out the tips here.

Do you need to be tested for the coronavirus? The answer may be “not really.” Learn more from the Oklahoma State Department of Health here.