Norman Regional Health System

 Visitor Guidelines

Visitors are welcome! Norman Regional Health System is no longer limiting visitors within its facilities. 

  • Visitation is back open so visitors can come and go as they please. 
  • Visitors may be asked to wear a mask the entire time they’re within Norman Regional facilities, per current CDC guidelines.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the room of COVID-positive patients (some exceptions will be made).

Thank you for following these guidelines and for helping us keep our patients, our healers, and our visitors safe.

People who may be sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed into the hospital unless they are seeking medical treatment.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is an ongoing, rapidly-changing situation and our visitation policies may continue to evolve. Please follow us on social media, check back here or subscribe to our eNewsletter to stay up-to-date.


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Helping You Stay Connected

Visits from a loved one are important to our patients and their mental health and well-being. Some ways visitors can stay in touch without coming to the hospital are:

Clinic Appointments

Many of our clinics are offering virtual visits.

Please call your doctor's office to get more details. Click to see a list of our clinic locations.

However, our recommendation for people who think they may have COVID-19 is to alert NRHS even before coming to our facilities. We ask that people who suspect they may have this disease call the State Health Department Coronavirus Hotline at 877-215-8336 or their primary care provider.

Our outpatient clinics are also calling patients to pre-screen them for COVID-19.