Norman Regional Health System

At Norman Regional, one of our main goals is to build an atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity of thoughts, opinions and people. We are committed to fostering inclusive and diverse attitudes, practices and knowledge within the organization and our communities; and we want all of our staff to embrace each other and our patients, despite differences – no matter race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, or ability.

We know that inclusion and diversity can make a big difference for our employees and our patients and should always be a priority in our health system. That is why we formed an Inclusion and Diversity Council in 2020. The council is a resource, advocacy group and advisory board that has continual, bidirectional communication with our executive team to provide multilayered communication with physicians, staff, and identified community-based stakeholders to ensure systemic implementation of diversity and inclusion practices.

The purpose of the council is to:

  • Identify the inclusion and diversity strengths and opportunities within all aspects of our health system.
  • Develop strategies and plans to examine ways in which we include and exclude (however unintentionally) employees, patients and community members.
  • Systematically examine aspects of the health system to enhance its effectiveness and ability to meet the needs of our diverse workforce and the patients we serve.
  • Provide education for staff and volunteers to address unconscious bias and opportunities for improving just culture.
  • Be a resource for existing teams, committees, etc. to assess, implement and improve practices relating to diversity and inclusion.
  • Respectfully celebrate and document the successes of inclusivity approaches.

With the help of the council, we are committed to diversity and inclusion being reflected at all levels of our organization – in the company culture, in behavior and actions of our employees, in actions and perspectives of our Board of Trustees, and in the numerous ways our healthcare services are delivered.

We strive to improve on our inclusion and diversity efforts every day and will continue to do so.

Meet the Team

Our Inclusion and Diversity Council is the key to creating a more inclusive, diverse atmosphere at Norman Regional and we appreciate the work they do. The people below make up the council.

Diversity and Inclusion

John Manfredo, FACHE, Executive Champion

John Manfredo, FACHE

Executive Champion

Adrian Francisco, Co-Chair

Adrian Francisco


Liz Shumate, Co-Chair

Liz Shumate


Ben Vandaveer, Co-Chair

Ben Vandaveer


Jim Beyer,

Jim Beyer

Stephanie Bloomer,

Stephanie Bloomer

Clyde Brawner,

Clyde Brawner

Sara Hildenbrand,

Sara Hildenbrand

William Hoffman,

William Hoffman

Debbie Oliphant,

Debbie Oliphant

Kristin O'Neal,

Kristin O'Neal

Kelly Wells,

Kelly Wells

If you need to contact the Inclusion and Diversity Council, please email